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Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

Give us a couple of really Hot days and you have to know someone will ask this question.. When will the pool be open??

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Trying to leave feedback on a work order

Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

The maintenance crew came out and repaired my outdoor light (Thanks!). I received an email stating that the work was done but that the work order would be left open pending resident feedback. I then went to the MyMckinley site and attempted to leave feedback so they could close their work order...but under the "View Details" section it says that I can not leave feedback until the work order has been either closed or cancelled. Am I doing something wrong?...

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Thank you!

Feedback Praise for Roundtree

Ya'll are awesome. Thanks for getting here so quickly, and for taking the time to go above and beyond!...

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Corridor light outside of 3303

Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

I put in a work request (Work Order #128451) almost 2 weeks ago that, as far as I can tell, requires nothing but the changing of a light bulb. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal it's just hard to find my apartment key at night when this light doesn't work. I considered just changing it myself but I am not sure if that is against the rules. Anyhow, thanks for all the great work you guys have been doing! We residents notice and appreciate it!...

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Erin Foley as Employee of the Month

Feedback Praise for Studio Parc

I have dealt with many people in apartment complex's and never have I meet someone like Erin Foley she is ONE OF A KIND ! She is caring,compassionate and just all around great person. I need to make sure this gets to the right people cause I feel that she has gone above and beyond and deserves to be named Employee of the Month. Kevin & Virginia McFadden # 7102 P.S. Thanks Erin for all that you have done to make it an easy and painless move in !...

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Previous payments

Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

Where can i see ALL of my previous rent payments on this site. All i see is from Feb 2011 till May 2011 ? Please Help!

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Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

I just wanted to suggest a step up in security. I've read articles of catalytic converters being stolen from cars already in two different areas in the parking lot within the past week. Mine was stolen last summer. Residents shouldn't have to be concerned with leaving their cars outside their apartments at night.<br /> <br /> Also, I've noticed the guard at the front of the complex will sometimes just let people in when they pull up to swipe their entry card. How do they know they're residents and actually belong here without checking in?<br /> <br /...

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Power washing of balconies

Feedback Question for Traver Ridge

Last week I received a notice that balconies would be power washed between last Friday and today. Mine hasn't been done yet and I'm wondering when it will be safe to put plants and furniture back out there...

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Upstair neighbors

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

They blair their music until all hours of the night!! It wakes up my daughter and it is annoying to listen to!!!

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Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

parents really need to watch their children outside running around .. its ridiculous, they run out between cars & are barely missed from getting hit. some are shooting bb guns at peoples doors and screaming throughout the hallways. i understand kids are going to be kids but its for their safety and ours, i dont want to accidently hit a child running into the road nor get hit with a bb gun as im opening my front door !