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Trash & Dog Waste

Feedback Idea for Evergreen

Maintenance does a great job with the snow removal, and I don't want to take that away from them. However, it would be AWESOME if we could get a trail to one of the trashcans by the pond. I know a lot of people don't clean up after their dogs at the best of times, but for those of us who do, it would be really nice...

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Items for sell

Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

Is there a place on the site where tenants can list items that they may have for sell? Considering that there are quite a few college students living in the complex, if this is not available at this time may be it should be looked in to.

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Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

How can i reload my coinmach (laundary card) after office hours ?

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Adding Money to Laundry Cards

Feedback Question for Evergreen

Is there a way to add money to the laundry cards without going to the office? Maybe add a link or something to this site so we can log in and add money to our cards?

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Feedback Question for The Pines

Hello, I'm looking for recommendations for affordable childcare in the area. I have a 4 yr old boy. Thanks...

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Park Place Staff does not respond to needs in a timely manner

Feedback Problem for Park Place

Everytime I need something fixed I feel like I have to call several times to finally get someone out here, and even then it usually takes an extra week for the maintenance guys to actually show up (they are always really nice when they get here, but at that point I'm already irritated). I'm wondering how many times I can call and say "this thing in my apartment is broken" and the girls who answer the phone can tell me to fix it myself (dead battery in smoke detector, even though they are supposed to last 10 years and why should I have to pay for a new one?, screen doors...

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smoke detectors

Feedback Problem for Park Place

When I moved in I was told the batteries lasted for 10 years so I would never have to worry about them....except I've been here 6 months and have had to change the battery 3 times!! What gives??...

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I like this!

Feedback Praise for Aspen Chase

I've never lived in apartment complex that had its own social networking site; great idea!...

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living in the ghetto

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

this place is such trash. honestly what i pay a month is not worth it i give this s*!# hole a 0 out of 5 stars. they just need to turn this place into section 8 already. what a waste nice community during the day but at night forrrr gettt itttt !!!!!!!!!! RUNNN inside and lock ur doors

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Wonderful job clearing all the snow from the storm!

Feedback Praise for Spruce Knob

I just wanted to thank the crew for the wonderful job they did keeping the parking lot and walkways clear during the snow storm! I know it was a huge job, and I was impressed at how diligent they were about keeping it maintained. Big kudos to Russ and Dashan, who were kind enough to help me dig out my car! Russ had me move my car so he could plow the space out yesterday, and today, Dashan saw me shoveling and offered to plow the snow away. Thank you so much guys-- it was greatly appreciated! :)