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Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

we got a letter saying that dte was coming thur out apt. to change lights and stuff...well they never came to our apt...just wondering why...also we have had a problem with someone putting trash in front of our door and now our entry way to my apt. smells like puke!

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Has anyone seen a small black furry dog

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

My girlfriend was visiting me monday night her dog got away from us and we are desparate to find her. She is a small black pomeranian very friendly answers to the name of caly. She is also in need of Medication. Please Please Contact us at 407-271-7701 if you have any information .

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Snow in the parking lot !

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

Any possibility of getting the maintenance people top plow the corner of the parking lot across from building 12. This is missed frequently. It's possible that my car may be blocking them from doing this. I do work at night and my car is here alot during the day. I have no problem moving it if they will just let me know when to. Thanks !...

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Lightbulb Please!

Feedback Problem for Traver Ridge

2411 Lancashire needs a new lighbulb in the laundry room. Is this the right place to post this??

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I'm glad that fire prevention it's here!

Feedback Idea for Harbor Beach

When you conduct the fire prevention inspection check the area outside the apartments you are going to find out that smokers are throwing their cigarettes buts of the balconies. This is a serious fire hazardous. Inform everyone how serious it is especially when is windy! Use big ashtrays or can with waters!

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Moving in soon

Feedback Question for Manchester Flats

Does anyone have pics of the apartments? What is online on the Mckinley website is not much). I'm excited to move in though---looking forward to decorating and wish I had a better sense of what the 3 bedrooms looked like at Manchester! Thanks in advance!...

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Feedback Problem for Coconut Palms

Our toilet's been messed up for almost two weeks now. The water won't come back into the bowl for a while after flushing (yes, we've jimmied the back of the thing) I've contacted the front office, and they said that maintenance would be on it ASAP...two weeks isn't asap...please get on this, I'm honestly tired of having the whole house smell like urine :(...

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Gates on Entrance

Feedback Idea for Bellagio

I have a major concern for my safety and my family, even my neighbors. I witness a few minutes ago a criminal just drove into the complex and 20 cars of police right after him following him. This is the time my 11 year old comes from school. I can't even imaging if that criminal would have taking my child as a hostage. I suggest McKinley would put gates on Entrance for his tenants safety...

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It's raining in our apartment. How to make it stop!

Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

Hi, We live on the second floor and when the ice jam outside on the roof/siding melts(everyday) it drips a lot of water into our second bedroom ceiling and both bedroom windows. Maintenance was called and dug a hole in the drywall to direct the water to flow in one spot. It hits the deep bucket now instead of going everywhere. The problem is is we now can't use that room for what we intended it to be, a guest room and the drip drip.....drip noise about drives me mad at night. We aren't the type to scream and complain and I feel that we will be forced to live with this issue until...

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The New Mulch Looks GREAT

Feedback Praise for Azure Winter Park

I just wanted to say that the new mulch you guys put down last week looks incredible. It has made the most noticeable improvement in the way the complex looks in past 2+ years that I've been living here. I used to have dirt behind my apartment. Now I have some very pleasing and vibrant ground cover...I can actually let people on my back porch without being embarrassed. Great Job!...