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Water Bill Increases

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

After speaking with our Community and Regional Managers on Thursday, 3/1/12, with regards to the "sudden" increased water bills, I was advised that the 17% and 19% increase in water/water sewage fees were "usage" increases, not utility company "rate" increases, as I was previously informed and discounted.<br /> <br /> I find it very hard to believe that, collectively, Conway Forest residents "suddenly" started using 17% more water in one month and that it has continued and that it happened to coincide with the switch to the new water billing...

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lost cat

Feedback Problem for Coconut Palms

Tania Wrote<br /> <br /> My cat has been missing since Sunday. He is gray with a white tie and white paws. His name is Sylvester and he is wearing a green collar with a heart shaped tag. PLEASE PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS HIM CALL ME 321 7465590<br /> <br /> $100.00 REWARD. AGAIN 321 746 5590 ANYTIME.<br /> 0 sec ago by Tania · Reply

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Apartment Updating

Feedback Question for Evergreen

I was wondering if apartments are ever updated, for example cabinets or appliances? Mine are very outdated and as I drive through the complex at night and people have their blinds open I can see that some people have nice wood cabinets. Mine are white and look like they have been paint over about 50 times as well as my dishwasher is very old and not nice looking and the handle on my oven is broke. Thanks!<br /> <br /> Jess

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Feedback Idea for Bellagio

Just wondering if anyone would like to join me in a daily morning walk?? Nothing like feeling good about yourself & losing weight or just keeping fit with a few extra steps a day! Nothing crazy, but just a walk. I was thinking either early morn or late evening?? About 30-45mins. I do it at a park, but if I can get a small group or a couple of people to join in, we can do it around the block or around the complex. <br /> <br /> <br /> Anyways, let me know by responding :)

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Feedback Problem for Bellagio

Just a heads up, I've had my mini van VIOLATED!! UGH! my son left his $200 Lebron James Sneakers in the car & his $150 Timberland Coat & some1 was kind enough to enter my car thru the side door & STEAL it! What I can promis is that if we ever see someone from this complex with it on, they are so getting a BUTT WHOOPIN from my son who is 6'2"! I can't believe this happened! Unfortunately, my side door doesnt lock, so we couldn't lock the door & we came home late & went straight up w/o the articles...but it's a shame that we live somewhere that...

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Water Bill

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

For the Month of March I paid 37.00 to Yes Energy for 2 people living in a one bdrm apt, and i dont even use my dishwasher ..... this is insane! Is there an logical explanation?

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The Wireless Internet Amenity

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

How long does it take to get my account approved? The site says there are only three steps. 1. Create Account 2. Log in 3. Browse Internet However, after I made an account and tried to log in I was told that my account has not been approved. How long does this process take? Also, an estimated time for approval should be plainly listed on the account creation page.

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$100 utility bill!!!

Feedback Problem for The Villas

Am I the only one that had a $100 utility bill? I don't understand how this could be. We have barely had any cold weather. And I don't know about everyone else, but I haven't had to turn my heat on AT ALL since winter began. My apartment has stayed a good 73 degrees since winter started. So what's the deal?<br /> <br /> Leave a comment if your bill is also outrageous!<br /> And I think management needs to address this issue as well.<br />...

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Cops on Property

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

While walking my dog last night there were a told of 4 Police patrol vehicles on the property by Clark Rd. with a patrolman walking around one of the buildings. Was there an incident that we should be aware of?

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Feedback Question for Bellagio

When is somebody coming to fix my tub. I don't understand how you want somebody to pay rent on time but for 3 weeks I have been asking for somebody to come fix my tub. If its not fixed by tomorrow I am calling the better business bureau on Bellagio and Mckinley...