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Shutting off the heat in the buildings???

Feedback Question for Evergreen

When does the heat get shut off? Its extremely warm over here in bldg 14... My AC is on, heat's all the way down and the windows are open...

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Accurate Account Info

Feedback Question for Golfside Lake

When can we expect to get a posting of accurate account info on this site? I would love to be able to pay online, but the account info that is posted right now could not possibly be right (i.e. include what I owe for rent this month plus Ista bill).

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Friendly Dogs and Owners

Feedback Idea for Park Place

Hi, I have a patio apartment and my two dogs are always excited to see the other dogs and owners walking by. I was wondering if there are any other dog owners in Park Place or Hill Crest that would like to meet in one of the court yards and let our dogs meet and maybe play. I have two corgis (smaller dogs) but they've played with all sizes of dogs and done fine...

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Coco Residents

Feedback Praise for Coconut Palms

I would like to take a moment to thank "you", our residents for your patience, your ideas, thoughts, concerns. Thank you for paying your rent in a timely manner. For your constructive critisism because that is how we improve and for your residency and your resident referrals. I also appreciate you for your involvement and not only your committment but your investment into our community and your faith in our, "your" Loyal and Dedicated Coconut Palms Team. THANK YOU!!! COCO RESIDENTS ARE THE BEST!!!...

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Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Is it possible to have autopay set up for rent to be charged automatically to my card?

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Studio Parc

Feedback Praise for Studio Parc

I am really enjoying my new apartment at studio parc and love the view of the pond and the ducks. Nice neighbors and quiet. Love the contemporary style, fits me to a T.

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Online payment

Feedback Praise for Studio Parc

Online pay works now, this is so convenient, I miss being able to pay online. Now I can pay all my bills online.

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online payment

Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

tried twice this morning to pay rent online. All information was correct on screen and when I hit the submit button it went to a screen over saying please wait while your payment is processed. It hung in this screen for over 7 minutes. I refreshed the page and tried again with same result. Not sure if payment has been processed or not. Can you advise if payment was processed? This is why it would be really nice to have rent balance posted before the last day of the month. I work for McKinley and am on the road and do not usually see Ista bill until after rent is due. The online payment is a...

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Online Payment Problems

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

I have attempted several times to submit my payment online but even after more then 10 minutes, the message: "Please wait while we process your payment." still appears on the screen and does not update or change. I have tried using Google Chrome and Internet Explorer & I have tried at different parts of the day hoping it was mearly traffic. Is there something else I can try or will I need to goto the office to pay? Thanks...

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The trash here is piled high and is a health risk...

Feedback Question for Bellagio

Why are you allowing the trash here to be so sloppy? Why are we paying for a service that is not being handled properly? The smell is horrible. I want to speak with the CEO of Mckinley today. I wrote on here asking for a phone call last week and still have not heard from anyone. I was in contact with Lisa is the leasing office but called to day to speak with her and they said she doesn't work there anymore. She told me I would be receiving a call. I've had many issues that nobody is dealing with...