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15 year resident

Feedback Praise for Monterey Lake

if you want a home where they greet you as one of the family,then monterey lake is for you......why would I move if I'm home.grounds are impecable and the service is in a timely manner.the rent is very inexpensive and your neighbors are friendly.monterey lake is for me,what about you?...

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Feedback Question for Riva

Why is the POOL LOCKED?? Its NOON on a SUNDAY and its all locked up Makes "NO SENSE AT ALL"...

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Feedback Problem for Riva

The area by the Trash is once again overflowing and the compactor is to its max there is trash all over the parking lot and there is vultures and other animals around there. Why are we paying so much for trash when its not being done?

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Leasing Office incompetence.

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

I live at Monterey Lake Apartments. Today on 4/7/2010, the office was supposed to close at 7pm but instead it closed at 6pm and there was no note stating it was going to be closing early. I needed to put money on my laundry card so I could wash my work outfits. I had to wash it by hand because they decided to close early. There were 4 other people at the office with me that needed to complete their tasks also. The sign said they would be back at 8 but the office doesn't open up until 9am and would be closed at 8pm. The office is one of the most unproffesional offices I've ever seen...

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coconut palms loveeely pool

Feedback Question for Coconut Palms

Hey there! I super bummed the pool has been closed. I gotta get my tan on. I would like to know asap when it will be fixed??? And, this may be a stupid question but I figured Id throw it out there- Do I gotta wear a full suit at the pool? ha (tan lines ya kno)

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barbeque grill and music

Feedback Idea for Conway Forest

i am a resident of conway forest since DEC 09 and i love it here. there are a few things that we can improve on to make this a better place and that will a community type barbecue grill for large events, sound equipment for the pool area and updated gym equipment. if all these items can be address it would bring up the quality and service that you provide to a more higher standards. thank you and i hope you take these request under consideration. Samuel Maldonado Apt 102

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Couch on grass...over by 5709

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

Couch on the grass has yet to be picked up...very ghetto..need to get it off the grass...don't look good at all. Been there for about a week now...time to move it.....

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T.J. is back !!!!

Feedback Praise for Bellagio

i want to welcome back our former manager t.j. its great to have you back ,and i know that you will resolve any issues that we have thank you michael trimboli

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Code to Laundry Door

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

What is the code to the laundry room door? I have tried and tried and asked everyone in my building!

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Shutting off the heat in the buildings???

Feedback Question for Evergreen

When does the heat get shut off? Its extremely warm over here in bldg 14... My AC is on, heat's all the way down and the windows are open...