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Heating & Cooling

Feedback Problem for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

I turned on my heat and it immediately smells like something is burning and set my fire alarms off.'s picture

Power Surges every week

Feedback Problem for

Hi, is there an electrical issue that needs to be looked into? Since I moved in over two years ago power surges seem to be a constant issue where the power cuts out and back on. It's not only my unit as I have spoken with other residents too. These surges happen randomly, not when it storms etc so I'm assuming it's just this building. The main issue is that I work from home and while I consistently save my work in case of issues sometimes I may go 30 minutes to an hour and this is the second time I have lost a massive amount of work. Not to mention last month we got a surge and...

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Feedback Problem for

I have never had complaint I have been here for a 1 year . But no one told me that they would be coming my apartment at 9:00 am in the morning. and my daughter is in bed when did you start doing this? This is not good at all a strange man walking in on my daughter while she is sleep.. Talking about inspection ? Where is the letter at? I need to talk to somebody about this right now!!!!!

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My rent

Feedback Problem for

I have not payed my rent for Dec yet. My room mate is having problems with his bank account being hacked. There is now a new bank acct for him. I received s letter of intent of eviction if no payment Is received. I want you to know that I will be paying my rent in full by Friday 12/14/18. Please don't start any type of eviction. This problem will be resolved by the end of this week. I also currently don't have a working phone for you to call. I can be reached through email at Thank you for your consideration ...

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Sofa by dumpster

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Someone decided to purchase a new sofa, had it delivered and leave the unsightly old one in front of the dumpster for the rest of us to look at and be in the way all weekend! Very inconsiderate resident that should have more pride in where they live!

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Parking Issues

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I don't know if this is possible, but the parking issue I feel gets worse and worse. There should be a way to have designated parking for guests and passes for people that live here. The most annoying and inconsiderate thing is to try and come back here and there are random cars parked in parking spots right in front of my home. Again I more concerned with having to park somewhere else in the cold and walk while having to carry a 2 year old in the cold. This is very unacceptable...

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Uncontrollable heater

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I turned the heater on auto for 78 degrees at 7PM last night. It was 83 degrees at 8:30PM so I turned the A/C off. The heat continued to blow as my family went to sleep and my apartment was 95 degrees at 3AM. We were all drenched in sweat as the heat blew uncontrollably. Attention is needed as the cold season approaches, we do not want to experience this again. Thanks

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I have to set my heater at 90F and leave the heater turned on for an hour to increase room temperature from 53F to 62F. This costs me a lot of electricity since I have to leave it turned on for a long time. Does anyone experience similar problem? I am freezing.. -- Update: Two hours mark. 68F. Set temperature is 90F.

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Feedback Problem for

I put in a work request for my dryer on 11.25. A worker did come by on Monday 11.26 and said that he would return the next morning. I understand that there are other items/issues that may need to be worked first due to importance. But, as of today I have not gotten a follow up call or anything to let me know the status of either getting my dryer to work or if they are just going to replace it. Please let me know what will be done.

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Heating bill?

Feedback Question for The Tower

Hi I was wondering if anyone can explain why the heating bill in the Tower is so ridiculously expensive? I lived in the same unit last year, we never turn our heat above 64 and the bill can get up to $400. Do we have electric heat or is the system just really outdated? I'm just really sick of having to pay so much money to consumers in the winter....