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Feedback Praise for Schooner Cove

I woke up less than an hour ago to find that my heat had gone out during the night. I called Maintenance and within ten minutes, Michael was at my door and fixed the problem. All this before 8am on a Saturday morning. I am impressed!

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noisy rain gutter at building 14

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

I live in building 14 and the one rain gutter near 3155 on the left side bangs against the building constantly especially on windy nights. If at all possible can we please have it fixed as soon as possible. We would greatly appreicate as when it bangs it wakes us up and makes it hard to sleep.

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Carpet and Air Condition vents

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

I just bought a steam cleaner and cleaned the bedroom rug, I now have a urine smell that will not go away. I put baking soda down which is suppose to pull the smell out and it turned yellow which shows me it is urine. I do have pets but they are not allowed in the bedroom the door remains shut at all times. We can not even sleep in there because the smell is so strong. Like I said I already tried to clean it and it will not come out. Also our air condition vents give off a nasty smell when they are on and have mold in them. I really appreciate all of the services that I have recieved and the...

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Exercise Equipment

Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

I was wondering if it would be possible to have the treadmill face the T.V. Thank you very much. I hope everyone had a very niced thanksgiving.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Feedback Praise for Coconut Palms

Dear Coconut Palms Community, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you from the Coconut Palms staff. Enjoy your family, friends and life. If you are staying close to home or traveling abroad always remember to practice safety always. Coconut Palms-Brenda, Jocelyn, Luis, Jonthan, Jose, Anthony, Luis and Luz. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

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Thank you

Feedback Praise for Monterey Lake

I want to say thank you for all the well wishes ....

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Nightime Lighting Issues

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

I rented my Coway Forest apartment in the Fall of 2009 when all outside lighting was operational. This is not what you, or I, are getting for our money now. This is my 4th attempt to get Conway Forest/McKinley to replace all the burned out bulbs that are putting us in harms way for crimes of opportunity. I've also noted that other residents have posted recent messages about burnt out bulbs, but I have no way of knowing if their issues were resolved.

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Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

So I am having issues with my apartment being cold! Dont matter how high I turn up the heat, the back bedroom is ALWAYS cold! We have all the vents closed but the ones in the bedrooms, and that room is still cold! I am on the second floor, but feels like I am below ground with as cold as it gets!

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Eaves Troughing!

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

Does maintenance ever clean the eaves troughing?! The eaves over our living room window are completely blocked and rain water is pouring in our window and pooling between the panes of glass. Someone needs to get up there and clean the leaves out. We live in building 10.

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Area beautification

Feedback Idea for Harbor Beach

The area is looking better with all tthe good work! How about fixing the picnic tables? Some of them need wood replacement! How about a stand that holds the small trash can and plastic bags to be used by dog owners so they can colect the poo-poo left by their dogs. Tahnk you! Angelo