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Feedback Problem for Riva

THe getters need to be cleaned out I have realized that every time it rains the water pours in on my patio to where there is now black mold growing.

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Feedback Idea for Riva

I've noticed that the landscaping crew here at Waldengreen does the bare minimum when it comes to making out properties landscape appealing. Foremost, it's obvious that the most attention is paid to those areas around the office. It's very unattractive to see some parts of the propertyt mulched and not others. For example, upon entry and exit from my apartment the lanscape work is an extreme eyesore. I have a great company I can recommend that I used when I rented a house; they do exceptional work. Thank You in advance for hearing me out...

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Feedback Question for Riva

As a resident of a Mckinley property are allowed to use ammenties at other mckinley properties in the area?

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Feedback Idea for Glencoe Hills

Hi, I think there should be a wall where we can pose questions for other members like I am looking for a tennis partner in my community and I should be able to post this on the a wall.

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Feedback Question for Roundtree

Just curious, are we suppose to receive a monthly water bill monthly? I just paid one with my last rent payment for March and now I received another one that is due in April? Thank you

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Response Time

Feedback Praise for The Villas

Deena and her team have an excellent attitude and seem to really care about the residents here at the Villas. It makes it a pleasure to live here.

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Fixing the streets.

Feedback Question for Evergreen

Please advise if they are going to repair the streets in Evergreen Apartments?

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Feedback Question for Bellagio

There seems to be a big problem with trash in this community! I am paying $10.00 per month for trash service. What service I get nothing for this $10 ! we have one compactor dumpster for the whole community and trash is allways piled up. This is a health hazard,an eyesore, and don't get me started on the smell ! Can we get someone to take charge of trash in this community with daily monitoring and frequent calls for pick up maybe this can get better or if this is how you this community runs stop charging me $10 a month...

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I dont understand the problem

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

I have lived here 6 months and after numerous requests maintenence is still unable to fix my 3way switches in my hallway. If the maintenence staff does not know basic wiring maybe you should : train them ,or get a new staff ,or at least contact a qualified electrician to fix problems in the community this is not acomplicated wiring thats why its called BASIC wiring. I am very unhappy with this situation and would like to see a resolution before i pay my rent again

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South Parking Lot

Feedback Problem for The Villas

The Gate for the south lot seems to always be broke. I have lived here for 1 year and 6 months and it has maybe been down and working for about 1/3 of that time. It is currently working but I'm wondering why it's always broken and what solution McKinley has. It is the only entrance in the area that seems to be broken, and on several occasions I have almost run into someone exiting through the entrance!?! I only bring this up as more of a safety concern than anything and I'm not sure if the leasing office is aware of how often it is broken...