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power outage

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Power failure now

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hallways and elevators

Feedback Problem for The Gates and Manor

The hallways on 4 are bad. They are dirty, the walls have not been fixed since the day we moved in, it needs to be sanded and painted, with the rent we pay this should not be an issue. The elevators are disgusting, they are filthy, and half the time the lights do not work. I have been told that the hallways would be fixed and cleaned as well as the elevator, it has not been done and we are going on five months. Please confirm that this will be done before returning from break.

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Mailbox key

Feedback Problem for The Gates and Manor

I've complained several times, and it seems that nobody wants to solve the problem. Why is it so hard to give me a correct key? I already took a key from my roomates to make a copy, as requested, not resolved. They asked to open a work order. I opened it did not work. The fact is that I have been living here for 4 months and have never solved any problems...

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Wondering when the guy is going to come and spray today its almost 2 o'clock I've been waiting all day he said we had to leave a few hours afterwards this something that's need to be done in the morning so people like myself who have smaller kids wouldnt have to leave later in the day ....

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Maintenance Request

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Hi, It's Kathy at the 8051 Dowitch Lane #E. I would like to Thank everyone that was involved in putting in a new light bulb in the post outside. Thank You So Very Much. I would also like to Thank You for fixing my friend Anita toilet. She just moved in last week. Happy Holidays to you and your families...'s picture

Thank you!

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Laurie is the best! She’s always prompt, knowledgeable, helpful and happy! Couldn’t imagine anyone else to deal with! She’s great! Thankful to have her as a contact source to help me with my questions or issues, if any! We love Laurie!

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Maintenance in Apartment?

Feedback Question for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Can you tell me if a maintenance tech was in my apartment yesterday? Someone was inside while I was at work because all of the lights were odd and there was a residue on the floor so want to make sure it was maintenance. I put in a request a few days ago about spraying for bugs so that could be it but want to confirm. Thanks

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Feedback Problem for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

it is absolutely disgusting and something has to be done about it. We have DOG BAGGIES EVERYWHERE. It is your pet- your responsibility.

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Air conditioner switch

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Air conditioner "off" switch doesn't work. When push the switch strongly, turn off...

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E401 Smoke Detectors

Feedback Problem for The Gates and Manor

Smoke detectors will not stop beeping in hallway and second room.