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Tan Ford explorer alarm going off multiple times of the day and night

Feedback Problem for The Villas

Hey so there's this tan Ford explorer usually parks by building 8 and grass walkway to the office that I believe has a faulty alarm. The cars alarm goes off very sporadically. It has gone off for hours and wakes up people in the middle of the night. It isn't anyone touching the car it's just being turned on and off at random intervals. If there is a problem with the car it needs to get fixed or the person whose car it is needs to stop turning on the alarm. Can you please contact the owner...

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Woke up to no water

Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

Yesterday evening I arrive home only to hear banging and scraping from maintenance apparently fixing a pipe in the apartment below mine. This continued until almost midnight. One of the workers came banging on my door at almost 9pm to notify me that they’re working in the apartment downstairs. Little did I know that my water would be affected too. I woke up this morning to no water and I have to work this morning. I called the emergency maintenance line and apparently they broke the waterline and have no idea when this will be fixed. Again, I have to work this morning and I can’t brush my...

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Party outside at 2:30 am thursday

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

About to phone the police this is out of control ! Music and yelling and just parting all night ! Some people work and have real jobs! Take the tables and chairs out gazebo , by building L since a rule paper clearly doesnt work . WE DONT PAY RENT HERE TO BE KEPT UP ALL NIGHT . I see the police will be on speed dial moving forward .. i have video of the partying and time am .. and as much alcohol they would of passed out by now. But they just get louder . There out there till sun comes up . Take the gazebo down do something . This needs to stop .

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Feedback Question for The Ponds

is There any way I can get my dishwasher replaced or fixed cause I was told since some. Buildings are old a lot of things don’t work and that’s just that

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No air conditioning Building U

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

No air conditioning Building U

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Cooling System

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

I have the cooling system not working. I lowered the temperature but the air is still coming moderate temperature.

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Water turned on...?

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

Hey everyone. Noticed the water was turned back on. But I advise you let it run for a while or something. Water was coming out brown at my apartment. Just thought I'd give a heads up to everyone before they decide to shower and such.....

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Más de 6 horas sin agua

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

Hoy tenemos más de 6 horas sin agua.. totalmente inhumano sobre todo para los niños y mujeres embarazadas como es mi caso, pero para cobrar y multar si resuelven rápido!!! Son unos incompetentes e incapaces.. Ni siquiera avisaron con anticipación para que los residentes pudiéramos tomar nuestras previsiones, además de todo el aire funciona con agua.. hemos pasado el peor de los días que horror y sin ningún tipo solución por lo menos para el agua

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Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

Buenas tardes gusto en saludarle ya tenemos varios días sin parte del techo del apartamento y fue por un daño del aire acondicionado y tenemos 2 semanas en la espera de que arreglen el problema del techo.

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Package for return

Feedback Question for Indigo Winter Park

Would I be able to leave a package in the office for return for UPS?