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Misuse of the Pool

Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

Can the complex please hire a nighttime security guard? If you raise everyone’s rent $10, I’m sure it could be afforded. 3 or 4 nights a week there are people who show up at the pool, who don’t live here, and use it as their personal party spot. They make a mess, cause a ton of noise, and leave huge messes for maintenance to clean up. We all pay for these amenities with our rent and I think it’s extremely unfair that we have to deal with the riff raff who think they can show up and use and abuse the pool space. I call the cops every time, but it takes them an hour or so to show up. It’s 10:46...

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Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

What's the reason for my 1/10 star score ? : Lack of communication from management. Consistent maintenance problems. Lack of keeping up with correct paperwork from the management. (We were threatened to be evicted in 7 days for having and 'unknown pet' that was fully documented and reported to the office when I moved in 'when THOMAS was managing', signed the lease, and paid the 300$ fee.) We were NOT charge a 20& monthly dog fee and the current office manger Milly a few weeks ago scribbled 0 on our legal binding lease that we signed and wrote '20$' in...

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Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

did my rent payment go through? paid it on the 1st, got the "payment successful" screen after. Yet the money is still in my account and the bill still shows the rent unpaid... i am anxious i am going to be charged a late fee...

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Third time my townhome upstairs bathtub leaked into living room!

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

I’m not entirely sure whom is to blame, the community or the crew for not making sure/following through with repairs. Each time they “fix” the issue it seems to come back even worse. On top of that- this is the third time in which I’ve experienced the water raining into my living room- there HAS to be mold in the boards and drywall. Last time they did a quick cover up and just sprayed mildew remover and boarded where the stench was coming from. Now my living room and ceiling is covered with water (again) this issue will be brought to higher enforcement!

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Building 6851

Feedback Question for Monterey Lake

Will the spa from building 6851 be fixed any time soon?

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Diamela me ayudo

Feedback Praise for Riva

Diamela me ayudo

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Feedback Praise for Westwood Suites

We always write to place complaints, but very little to thank, thank you very much the manager William Rivera for always following up on each problem presented by our apt, we know that they are old properties and need a lot of attention, but thanks for giving solution as quickly as possible to All our needs.

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Washers and Trash

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

The washers have been down since Tuesday night, and the trash hasn’t been picked up since last weekend. It’s absolutely disgusting.

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Garbage Disposal has stopped working.

Feedback Problem for Manchester West

Could you send someone to 1910 Apt 2 to look at the kitchen sink garbage disposal?

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Feedback Question for Serena Winter Park

Does this apartment complex offer recycling? If so where is it located?