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No rent bill in mail

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I have noticed I have not received my monthly statement in the mail for my rent bill this month. Last month it came two days before it was due. Not sure if this is due to the holidays or what is going on. I have checked online and it's there, but there's no billing for the utilities in this months bill...

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Water Bill?

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What is utility bill? I have never seen water bill before, but it comes out from December? is it water that i used from August? or just a month?

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Good afternoon. I had a package delivered and am currently at home for winter break. Is there a way to make sure that this package will not be sent back until I return on January 6th?

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How long packages are held.

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I have some packages that will be coming in within the next week or so, though I won't beable to pick any of them up until likely the 7th or 8th since I only get back from vacation around 6:00-6:30. My question is how long on average are larger package held for since it will likely be a few days after the packages arrive before I can pick them up...'s picture

paying rent

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there needs to be a link on your website to pay rent. i live at The George and i always have to figure out where to go to pay rent. Please add link!!!

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Immobile vehicles

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I have been here since October and there are two vehicles parked in front of my building, 14. Next to the bicycle rack that are both backed up next to each other with expired tags and have never moved. It’s not an issue in the day time when there are many spots open, but on my late nights when I come home I have to park further then I should because of this.

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Not having Rent amounts-in paper or electronic form

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I have always taken pride on paying my bills significantly early and since the new billing system took effect, I am very uncomfortable with how close to the due date is to when I finally get a bill. I just cannot do things last minute due to my working schedule. And it is rather inconsiderate, in my opinion, that here it is a week before the new month and I have nothing to show what my payment is to be....either in a form of an invoice in the mail or electronically on here. Last month I even had to guess on what my payment was when I paid it cause the invoice was not in my mail until 2 days...

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Internet Going Out After Weekend

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When my roommate and I go back home for the weekend, I always notice that I have no internet connection for a couple of hours when I get back. This never happens when one of us is in the apartment using the internet, so I'm only assuming that our ISP somehow disconnects internet to a specific room if it is not in use for a certain amount of time. Is there any way to fix this? It's honestly a bit frustrating to come back and have to troubleshoot the internet immediately...

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Got visitors? They need to park in visitor spaces

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This is an ongoing problem, people. If you have visitors, tell them to park in visitor parking. Since parking is at a premium in this complex, people who actually pay to live here can't park by their apartments when your visitors take up their spaces. Now if the government's paying for your rent, this also applies — your visitors need to park in marked visitor spaces and not in your neighbors'. For the love of Pete, why can't people be more considerate of those around them?...

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Inconsistent office hours

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Is it just me that notices or is the office/front desk empty more than it should be during hours? Usually it's not an issue for me cause my problem isn't too urgent, but I really needed a package today and I checked several times before 3 and no one could be found...