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Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

Can someone please explain to me again what’s going on with parking? We have these parking decals for residents but for what? visitors can still park anywhere at anytime. It’s getting harder and harder to find parking with overnight (or longer) guests and people with multiple cars. Also I understand that you felt the need to put up handicap spots, but no one is using them in the 3 buildings near me. Instead of fixing the parking issues you’ve taken away a spot. When and how is the parking issue going to be fixed. Also the parking spots seem to get smaller as you go down the row near my...

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Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

I can assure that in a random inspection you will never find anything in this house that produces enough bass to “Vibrate walls” this whole noise complaint is completely upsetting!

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Noise Complaint

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Can somebody help me understand how our apartment received a noise complaint from yesterday at 2am when nobody was home last night? I just got home This afternoon at 3 and went straight to work by 3:40 if the notice was delivered earlier in the day someone would have been able to see that a package delivered early this morning sat on the porch until 3 because nobody was home at all. There are multiple cars that play music late at night so I need people to differentiate between when it’s coming from our apartment and when it’s coming from somewhere else! I’m so over the Foolishness

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Dog barking

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

What do you do when your neighbors dog is constantly barking? It can be heard in bedrooms through floor. Already spoke to office. 2861

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Feedback Question for Aria Beach

Saben ustedes los que trabajan en la recepcion del complex de dos hombres que tocan de manera brusca a las puertas de los apartamentos pidiendo que les abramos por que tienen unos proyectos para los latinos?

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Feedback Question for Golfside Lake

Hello, I got a notification that my package had been delivered and was wondering if it’s at the leasing office. Thanks!

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Feedback Question for Beach Flats

I am having rental furniture picked up tomorrow to make way for my furniture which finally arrived from Abu Dhabi. I am a little bit worried about the integrity of the deck where the furniture will have to be carried in and out. Think it might be best to put a sheet of plywood down to protect it. I am happy to pick up a sheet of plywood but thought that you might have something on hand? I also wanted to let you know that unfortunately a couple of weeks ago I had to put my dog down. Thank you, Valerie

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Feedback Question for Coconut Palms

Someone will be coming by today. I’m so sorry for delay

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Shout out to Mike!

Feedback Praise for Aspen Chase

Hi! Just wanted to mentioned how super fabulous maintenance technician Mark is! He is super polite and efficient. After having the same issue with our stove for a while, Mark took the time to investigate what the problem was and really fix it. It is the second time he has done work in our apartment and everything has been fixed well and fast! Thank you so much Mark!

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Carport wanted

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

Hello, I would like to add parking space carport #85 to my lease. May you please let me know how much it is for the carport, so that I may know what is being added to my lease. Please and thank you! Do hope to hear back ASAP!