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Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Based on our discussion in December about the rats entering my apartment and your promised to fix the problem. Unfortunately I was out the apartment for the holidays and returned with the expectation of a carpet cleaning and no rats but this was not done as promised by the manager. I however took photos of the rat damage holes and the rat dropping that is very visible.

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Packages Cut Open

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Came home this evening to find that packages for both my roommate and I had been cut open. Nothing was stolen (apparently nobody wanted the seasonings I couldn't find at Meijer), but it would be nice if management would actually give serious consideration to adding security cameras at some point. Though I doubt that will happen given that people report thefts on this forum all the time and nothing ever seems to get done about it...

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The Dog Park is Disgusting

Feedback Problem for Willow Flats

There are bone fragments, orange slices, cigarette butts, and some kind of liquid in the dog park. They are frequently being dumped there because every time I try to go in, there's something new. I would really appreciate if you could look into who is doing this because I specifically chose this apartment complex so that I would have access to the dog park. Now I have been unable to use it for months, and although I have called multiple times and put in complaints, nothing has been done. I believe the apartments above the dog park are doing this as it is directly underneath their...

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Utilities charge

Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

Can you explain why there is a "utilities" charge on my rent for January of $77? Is that not part of the rent?...

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Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

Thinking about getting an animal, I know there is a contract I would have to sign with the office and a payment. How much is that payment typically?

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The dryers are not working agian

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

*shocking* Put my sheets in the washer and the dryers were working and when I went back downstairs to put them from the washer to the dryer, the dryers were all offline. Now I have to drive my wet sheets somehwere to dry them. Thanks!

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door lock

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

the entrance door on the Washtenaw (South) side of 2248 is not working, and the door itself won't shut without forcing it shut. Several non-residents have been getting in and using the laundry room as an overnight haven. Please address this asap, Thank You...

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Service Request

Feedback Question for Celano Apartments

I would like an update on my service request I made yesterday and this morning. My kitchen/living room is pretty dark. Is someone available to come to my apartment? Thank you.

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Gate broken

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

The gate that divides our complex with the Avesta Apt is broken right in front of building 4. There are people who are crossing between apartments there and this makes parking unsafe.

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Copy of Lease

Feedback Problem for Delaney Flats

I have called several times over the last few days (2x Saturday and left voicemails without a return call, 2x Monday and spoke to someone both times, and 2x today and spoke to someone once). I have requested an electronic copy of my lease on each occasion and STILL have not received it. I’m not sure who to get in touch with, as I’ve tried sending emails to 2 different addresses including Delaneyflats@Mckinley.com, but the emails bounced back. Could you please help me with this matter?