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Valet Trash

Feedback Question for Iris Flats

I am a new resident to Iris flats. I know the leasing agent that helped me is new because she told me there were no visitor spots at my location. My question is do I have the option to opt out of valet trash? I am perfectly capable of walking my trash to the dumpster and you can only fit one bag of trash in the little bins on my porch. It just seems like a waste of $25.00/month. Can someone respond to me regarding this? Thank you!

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Loud music at midnight

Feedback Problem for Indigo Winter Park

This was a peaceful place till my neighbors moved in music so loud till 4:30 am in the morning had to call the police been going on 7 days straight to the point where I had to leave my home and sleep at my mother's the bass is so loud you can't even pinpoint where it's coming from so we notice it was from our neighbors on the right since I called the sheriff's department the noise has mellowed down also the day that I read the reports about the fire extinguisher damage I saw a group of young teens three African American males one African American female and one white male...

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Laundry Room ONE Washing Machines (all three) are not working

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

I sent the following email to Jeremy and Stephanie, and it was returned (for Jeremy). So, just to be sure you get the message, here's what I sent: SUBJECT: Laundry Room ONE Washers (all three) are not working Well, the subject line says it all, lol. I kept checking my Washlava app for several hours, and it continued to say all three washers were “busy”. So, I walked down to LR1, and all three washers had blinking yellow lights. By that time it was pretty late, so I’ll have to do laundry after work tomorrow, at #1 if it’s fixed, if not, at one of the others. In the meantime, I’ll be doing...

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What is going on?

Feedback Question for Spruce Knob

Once again the property is overloaded with trash and recyclables. The property looks like a sh*thole. What is going on? The pool is also looking disgusting? Does anyone maintain it?

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Loud Neighbors and music

Feedback Problem for Indigo Winter Park

Hello. For the past 2 weeks, I put up with my upstairs neighbors blasting music in their apartment above me. I thought they would have the decency to respect and some understanding to turn it down on their own. I can hear them clearly with their yelling and music, what action can take with the people in question?

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The pool once again!

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

Obviously NO ONE in the office or maintenance cares about the pool or any of the people that live here. So sad. How hard is it to maintain the pool??? Last year and the year before that the pool was sparkling every single day and was so nice. Now I will not get in the water. It is disgusting!!! Is there a problem? Is the pump broken? What is it? I don't understand? I was told last week the my concerns about the pool have been addressed, yeah right. I guess it is time to contact corporate again. BTW, your pool attendant showed up at 10:20 a.m. on Sunday August 11th, 2019, unlocked the...

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Feedback Problem for Bellagio

There should be cameras placed in the laundry room because twice someone removed my clothes from the dryer and used up the time or either there is a broken dryer. Too much money paid for rent for things to be this way. As much as we pay washer/dryer should be included

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Loud Party at the pool after hours

Feedback Problem for Riva

There has been a party with loud music (equipment & DJ!) and people at the people and it's already 9:00 PM and doesn't seem to be slowing down. This is not respectful to the community and is very disruptive. This isn't ok, please do something about this...

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Disrespectful Neighbors at the pool

Feedback Problem for Riva

So apparently we have neighbors that don't know how to read or they don't have respect for the community.. it has been going fine until tonight. DJ equipment muics playing and a food buffet.. like I said it was all going well until tonight. please inforce the pool rules...

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DJ Equipment at Pool

Feedback Problem for Riva

It's one thing to have a small bluetooth speaker streaming off your phone (although technically unalloyed, I let it slide) , but to have a computer and large ass speaker attached is another. These people have no respect what so ever for those who live above the pool. This ain't no club, pack that crap away and set it up at a picnic pavilion or something. Not here...