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Sapphire Maintenance

Feedback Praise for Sapphire Winter Park

Mahamad was exceptionally polite, pleasant, and worked quickly. All around a great worker that you can be proud of!!!!

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Thank you!

Feedback Praise for Evergreen

Thank you maintenance team for your prompt attention to the heat and hot water issue this morning. We appreciate all of you!

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Y el parking para cuando?

Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

Me parece una burla de ustedes que lo unico que hagan es pasar un papel con el tema del parking y que cada vez que llego tarde no consigo donde estacionar. Hoy que me toco estar en el hospital y no puedo caminar, me toco estacionar super lejos y venir caminando porque vehiculos sin stickers estan estacionados sin autorizacion del complex en el estacionamiento? Entonces cuando es que pasara la grúa? O mejor dicho cuando es que ustedes se pondran de acuerdo con esa situación?. Segun la información que comunicaron dias pasados prohibían el parqueo de vehículos sin autorización, vehiculos...'s picture

Fire alarm

Feedback Problem for The Pines

My fire alarm has went off randomly ( at least it seems ) beeping for about 15 seconds. Can someone pls come check on it. Also there is a leak under the kitchen sink.

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Rodent report

Feedback Problem for Manchester Flats

A mouse was in my room on Nov 5. Though it was killed, but I and my roommate still find it necessary to report this.

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Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

The weekend is approaching and my dryer is still broken... ya know, the faulty knob and hose being detached from the wall (caused by your contractors or whomever). I WILL NOT be hauling laundry outside of my unit to do I'll give this issue until Friday to be addressed and corrected. This has never happened when Mohammed was here, things were repaired in 24hrs, if not the same day. Parking is still a hassle, the breezeways are dirty, marijuana being smoked everyday on the balconies (as someone else mentioned) and neighbors are high on whatever drug of their choice that...

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Feedback Problem for Beach Flats

I will like to issue a complaint about the people who live under me. This is my 3rd time reaching out. I'm not happy living here and if things don't change, I may have to look into professional help to get me out of my lease. At this point, it's not worth paying this much money to live in the same building with dysfunctional people who don't work but cause problems all day. I dont feel safe living here as a female and I'm very upset that my money has been wasted signing the lease to live here. If someone can schedule a phone call with me so I can lay out all that I...

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Bad customer service

Feedback Problem for The Pines

I contacted the office many times to get a problem fix in my house but the manager don't care about it I have kids and this situation can't take it anymore...

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Fluctuating water temperature - Spruce Knob 2902-2910; Leasing office phone - not operating

Feedback Problem for Spruce Knob

Today, 11/13, there was no hot water between about 7:30pm to 8:20pm. The water was lukewarm - tepid. I noticed the same yesterday, 11/12, at about 6:30pm and then it came back later in the evening. This is not a water usage problem but might be a signal that your water heater sensor is failing again as in the previous years. I called the Spruce Knob office to report the problem but there was no connection. Check your phone - it might not be operational. My phone is working - I tested it by calling other numbers. Would appreciate that you take a look into the water temperature fluctuation...

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Uneven Stairs

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

The stairs next door leading to the laundry room (next to 2680) are uneven. It’s hard to maneuver them especially when carrying down a laundry basket. Tonight I tripped and fell down them and I’m pregnant. They need to be fixed. I’m now having to rest and make sure I’m ok.