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Work Orders Incomplete

Feedback Problem for Monterey Lake

I live in Monterey Lake Orlando FL. My apt is J 207. I am disgusted with the administration that is in the office since they are not professionals at all. I've been living here since 2017 and I've never had as much trouble as now. I am pregnant and I have submitted an order since August 22, 2019 to come and fix the kitchen drawers because they are broken because of their old age and I shut up and they are not interested. In the work orders they say that they are already completed by the maintenance manager named Miguel when no one has really come to the apartment. The kitchen...

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Wasp Nest

Feedback Problem for The Courtyards

Good Morning! About 2 months ago I put in a request for someone to remove a wasp nest that is right outside my door. No one removed all of it, they just sprayed and over the weekend they came back and is adding to the nest. It's difficult for me and my 3 year old to enter the home because they are flying all around the door. Two of them just got inside my home last Friday. Can someone please come spray and scrape the nest down. It's small right now but the whole foundation needs to be taken down. I also saw numerous of wasp going through the cracks of the gutter so I'm not sure...

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Kitchen sink

Feedback Question for The Ponds

Does anyone else have problems with the kitchen sink backing up?? I can’t run the dishwasher without it backing up or wash by hand without a nasty Oder and everything coming back up.

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Lost keys

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Hello, my husband lost on Saturday the keys to the truck and apartment with gray ring near the tennis court. We continue search for them. Maybe someone will bring to the office as found. Please let me know if it will. Very grateful. my email: or 73488124444 Tatiana.

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Will you provide the community area gate code, please?

Feedback Question for Harper Flats

The code for the electronic lock is not a valid one, or the e-lock is malfunctioning and needs remedied

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Smoking, cleanliness, and darkness

Feedback Problem for Park Place

FYI- Smoking is a huge issue in 2084. I don't want to run my air now that the weather is cooler, but I can't keep the windows open with the amount of cigarette smoke that filters into my apartment EVERY DAY. Aren't the units supposed to be smoke free? I hate to be "that neighbor" but I don't smoke. Maybe a letter to tenants? Also, the lights are out in the hallways and the stains and stench from pet urine is pretty bad...especially on the 3rd floor. Lastly, there is an air conditioning unit that's been sitting in the stairwell for 2 months, and there is a...

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Lights out

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

Lights have been out for over a week. Can someone please replace the light bulbs that are currently out. There is a main light post on the corner of Apt 507. Also on the side of building 4 facing parking lot near apartment 412. It is very dark and not safe. Thanks

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Wasp Swarming parking lot

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

There seems to be a wasp nest inside of the dumpster in front of building #15 & #16. It started off with just a few wasps by the dumpster but now They are swarming all over the dumpster and have started to roam all over the parking lot. I have been chased a few times and I fear my kids or someone else to Will get stung. Can someone send an exterminator out to handle this situation? Thanks

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Ridiculous that this has not been addressed yet!

Feedback Problem for Bayshore Flats

Wanna clean up the recycling area at Bayshore Flats anytime soon would be great ? It’s been a mess for like a month ... and the latch is also broken. I’m sure management knows about it since you’ve been here showing the vacant apartments.

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Laundry Machines

Feedback Problem for Manchester Flats

Hi, is there any chance we could get another set of machines for laundry in the building? I don't know if it's just my building (1830), but having only one washer/dryer for the entire building of 13 apartments has caused some logistical problems. This isn't the first time I've had to wait multiple hours to get a load of laundry in, especially when people do load after load (on one memorable occasion, I spent 8 whole hours waiting for the washer)...