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Carport wanted

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

Hello, I would like to add parking space carport #85 to my lease. May you please let me know how much it is for the carport, so that I may know what is being added to my lease. Please and thank you! Do hope to hear back ASAP!

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November Move In Special

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

I just received my Dec statement. It says I owe $1429. I was told that part of the move in special for November, my December rent would be $0.00. Please make the appropriate changes and let me know how I should proceed.

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Birds in building hallway!!!

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

Just want to warn people who live in BUILDING 2 that theirs birds flying in the hallway and sitting in the light fixtures which are broken. Be careful.

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Feedback Question for Golfside Lake

I love the staff at Golfside Lake and the many events that are held for residents. I often check the announcement boards here on the website and I receive the emails as well. But I do have a million dollar question........Is there ever going to be a resident event outside of business hours or on a Saturday perhaps? I always want to participate but because I work Mon-Fri, 9-6, I am never able to come to any events. Coming in early or staying late may be a stretch, but it would be greatly appreciated if you guys could please consider having an event on a Saturday :)

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Area around 2751

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

The areas around 2751 have a ton of trash and such around, especially in that area by the parking lot. It would be nice if this area got more attention. Also, it would be nice if I didn't have to post some version of this message every few weeks in order to get trash picked up around the building...

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Glass window of oven is broken

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

Yesterday I noticed that glass window of oven is broken. I collected some of broken pieces within the kitchen by the wall close to the fridge. However some parts of window is still stay their original place. Oven window needs to be replaced.

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Peeing in stairwell

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

Whoever urinates in the stairwell of bldg 3336 between apartemnts 7 and 9 please stop no one wants to smell your piss first thing in the morning or ever for that matter. Jesus this shouldnt even be a thing stop being animals

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Parking spaces

Feedback Problem for Portofino

We already have zero spots to park especially if you come home late... yet you allowed the lawn service to take up almost 6 or 7 spots for their mess. That’s not only wrong but inconsiderate without any warnings or anything. Completely disrespectful to your community.

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Water Shut-off at 2136?

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Hey y'all, sometime today(11/17) the water got shut off unannounced in building 2136, and it just came back on around 5:30. What's up with that? Was it an isolated issue to just my apartment? Thanks!...

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Feedback Problem for The Villas

The people who live above us have to be the loudest people in the world. 24 hours a day it sounds like elephants stomping on our ceiling. It goes on all hours of the night while we are trying to sleep, wakes us up early in the morning, and goes on all day long! They are also constantly throwing furniture off their balcony and almost hitting our patio and just leaving things there! This is getting ridiculous. -Laura