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Parking Space claiming

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I have a picture an I know the front of the apartment that does it at the moment no number but I can get one tomorrow. It's been an yard ornament scarecrow metal thing that keeps getting put in the rear of a space I've moved it an parked regardless but it's a tedious hassle. This someone is clearly gone longer than 20 minutes. I cant help but feel annoyed that they feel they have more of a right to claim a spot in front of their place but I can an will except having to park in the back if there is no other options. I truly wish we could have one car to each apartment an spares...

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Pet Fee on account

Feedback Problem for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Hello! I see a $20 pet fee on my account on 4/1/19 - and I do not have a pet. Can you please remove that? Thanks!'s picture

laundry dryer

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Please can someone check on the dryer of laundry at building 7. There is 2 dryer not working, this is an inconvenience when there is more persons using it at the same time, also the last washer machine when it gets to the spinning cycle it is doing it right all my clothes were super wet. I had to run it twice on another washer machine. Thank you in advance.

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Lease Renewal

Feedback Question for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Hello, I called the office and told them that 2408 Apt. F is not returning and I was told I needed to sign a document and to come to the office. I have been to the office three times all at different days and times and I was wondering if someone could just email it to me and I can sign that I am not returning or email and I can scan it back. Please let me know!! Thank you!!'s picture

Kids at play

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The children outside have gotten increasingly unruly outside. I have seen their soccer balls hit multiple cars multiple times. This is unacceptable.

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lease renewal requested

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I am in 2416 Apt B- can someone please provide me with my lease renewal? In past years I've received it by now for review. Thanks!...

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Feedback Question for Village Flats

Please email me to confirm my renewal.

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Renew lease

Feedback Question for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Who do I have to contact to renew my lease? I have called the office twice. Please let me know! Thank you!

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Intent to renew

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I received a note on my door regarding renewal. My parents and I have been trying to call the office this past week to be sure to renew. My parents will be in town the end of this week and would like to square things away. I am at 2404 Teresa Circle #G in Palma Ceia. Can someone please call Jennifer Doino at 239-398-6849. Thank you. We appreciate it.

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laundry rooms and map

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Where can I find these?