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Ice/Snow Removal

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

The stairs outside of 2273 on the north side are very icy. It is a recurring issue every year during the colder months. Please, could we get a bucket of salt so those that reside in 2273 can apply salt as necessary? I would be happy to help as I understand maintenance can not be everywhere at once. I am concerned for my disabled and elderly neighbors.

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Door buzzing

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

For the past month at least, around 7 am/8am there is someone who keeps buzzing the door repeatedly. My partner went out today and it was school age children. If you have kids can you please teach them that this isn’t okay? I wake up every time because of it and I already have sleeping problems so I don’t really appreciate this and would prefer it to stop. Thank you

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Happy Thanksgiving

Feedback Praise for Manhattan Flats

My wife and I have lived in Manhattan Flats since October of 2018 and with a few small exceptions, we have been very happy with our apartment and the maintenance staff. When I have had to contact the office the response has always been quick and problems have been resolved after a single call even when the calls have been made after hours. The common area is always clean and besides the fact that they start a little early, the landscaping crew does a .wonderful job.

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Dangerous entryway I fell and cleanliness outdoors with animals

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Hello it is a nice Friday outside less coldness. I went out to shop. When I came back carrying my groceries I fell going up the front steps to 2129. Yes the snow is dripping off of the top and freezing on the steps. You could at least keep a shovel on the outside porch for whomever to shovel loose ICE!!! And also a bucket of ice melter materials. I also took a short walk. How horrible. Between building 2127 and 2129 all you can see is very huge dog shit!!!! Very discusting!!! Yes it is not the animals fault it is the so called dog lovers fault. Please clean up your shit!!! Hate to see your...

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Feedback Question for Palio

Soy mamá de un bb de meses y ama de casa y cuido niños en mi hogar con mucho amor y seguridad en las edades comprendidas de 2 a 4 años. Si eres una mamá interesada contactame al (786)-461.3776

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Salting the ground

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Can y’all salt the steps at building 2264 the one across from the bus stop I just literally busted my butt this morning.

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Building 5

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

Can anyone please explain to me why I have to run my hot water for OVER a hour and a half in the morning before it gets hot ?????? At that point the heat will finally kick on. There has to be some kind of issue that can be addressed. This is a terrible waste of resources.

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Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Will you have pest control treat the apt for roaches? You have permission to enter the apt. Thanks

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Unauthorized Vehicle in Handicap Parking Space -- Bldg 1920

Feedback Problem for Manchester West

Upon arrival home at 10pm after teaching my evening college class a vehicle without either a handicap placard (hang tag from rearview mirror, which I have) or a handicap license plate was parked in the handicap parking space in front of building 1920. Since my mid-July move-in, this is the first occurrence of the spot being unavailable. The vehicle is a grey Ford Escape, Michigan license plate DAW 7817. If possible, please contact the resident / vehicle owner asking them to respect how important this space is to someone who struggles to walk even with a cane, especially after completing a day...

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Large number of emergency vehicles near back of complex

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

I happened to look out my window around 9:30PM tonight and saw a huge line of emergency vehicles with flashers on, toward the back of the apartment complex near Clark Rd entrance. Lots of police and fire trucks have been idling there for at least an hour now. Anyone know what's going on? --Concerned community resident...