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After Hours Line not working

Feedback Problem for Riva

Just a heads up, the After Hours line isn't working. The voicemail message repeats itself on a continuous loop and won't let you record a message. I was going to use it to see if someone can come and shut the pool party down without calling the cops but I guess I'm unable to. I can see this being an issue for someone with true emergency issues related to their apartment seeing as that they don't have any other option on the weekend to contact for help. You might want to get that checked out ASAP. Thanks a bunch...

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Another night...another idiot with DJ equipment

Feedback Problem for Riva

Again, the neighbor with DJ equipment is out on his porch near the pool blasting his crappy mumble rap late at night. You say you are going to resolve the issue, but as always it's nothing but talk. It's disrespectful to those who live around the pool, especially since some of us work in the morning. This needs to stop. You need security or someone here on the weekends to split up these parties or at least quiet them down during quiet hours. We pay enough in rent already, how about investing in the quality of life for your residents and enforce the rules for a change?...

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Broken cable line near 2321

Feedback Problem for Traver Ridge

An Xfinity repairperson just came by, and found that the cable connection outside had been mangled by a lawn mower! They attempted to fix the break, but were unable to do so. This explains why my cable internet hasn't been working for the past few days. I just wanted to share the news to other residents, in case you have also experienced problems. I have submitted a maintenance request...

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Middle dryer

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

The middle dryer in the laundry room is not drying the clothes. It takes the money and the machine starts but it doesn't dry the clothes at all. This is in building 6...

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Stove broke many times

Feedback Problem for The Pines

my stove broke again, could it bring maintenance to fix? This is not right, this defect has been repeated many times and with this I am losing the vomiting and patience. I would really like a solution, a real and definitive solution!

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Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

1.) I was in the office the other day and watched the phone ring multiple times but it seems like they have the phone on silent so they don't hear it ring it just blinks red lights when someone is calling. The residents hear pay so much in rent ( and increasing) to live here , the least yall can freaking do is answer the damn phone when we call if there is a problem. Which this has been a complaint multiple times I have seen on here and you have still done nothing to fix it for the community. 2.) THERE IS A THIEF STEALING MAIL AND PACKAGES ON THE COMPLEX AND THE OFFICE WON'T DO...

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Feedback Praise for Sapphire Winter Park

Thank you so much Mohammed for cleaning up my patio after it was left a mess by the renovation people. Also thank you for fixing the hole they left when they removed the door as well! I greatly appreciate it!

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Thank you Kind Person who received my package in error.

Feedback Praise for Roundtree

On Monday, USPS delivered my package to the wrong apartment/building. Thanks so much for bringing my package to 2963! You made a difference!

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Bad Service

Feedback Problem for Palio

Did Palio change Trash Valet and Landscaping companies? I have been calling for two days trying to ask this questions. My trash hasn’t been picked up in 3 days. (without counting Wednesday “the no pick up day” cause that would make it 4). now I have more than 2 bags waiting to be Valet so when they do come they will only take 2 of them and leaving the other 3 for the next day and so on. *Update the time is 2:04pm (9/12/19) and a McKinnley Maintenance personal picked up the garbage no the 3rd party company Landscaping: this past month the landscaping has been horrible!! the way the grass and...