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Graffiti on Manchester Flats property

Feedback Question for Manchester Flats

Does anyone know when the plan is to remove the graffiti at the East-most front entrance on Stadium? It's been there for a little while at this point...

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Wtf towing

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

I need to know ASAP if you guys towed my motorcycle even though we literally spoke about it last week I even put the damn decal on it.... you guys have no emergency contact number to get ahold of someone this is bullshit.

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Police Cars

Feedback Question for Manhattan Flats

Does anyone know why there were four police cars outside of the complex for a few hours this afternoon?

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Melissa-- email address??

Feedback Problem for Manchester West

I sent an email to Laura Riss and David Leber about a week ago about a concern I had. Apparently as per usual emails are not being forwarded to the new manager and I do not have your email address, Melissa. I would like to forward this concern to you if you'd be so kind to share your contact...

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Cigarette Stench

Feedback Problem for Indigo Winter Park

Outside buildings 3103 and the building immediately next door (Prince Charles side) there has been the stench of cigarettes nearly every time I go outside my apartment. I have yet to see anyone smoking outside, but it is absolutely disgusting

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Snow removal

Feedback Problem for The Parks

Did something change regarding snow removal they shovelled the walkway but not the walk path leading to my door and made a huge pile at the end of the walk way from my door that I had to CLIMB over. Not to mention there was NO SALT put out and the snow hardly removed at all. Someone needs to FIX that. If your not going to remove it properly then dont halfass it making it even more of a hazard by making piles at the end of then personal entry path ... I have pics but dont see where I can post them

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Rent charge for February.

Feedback Question for Golfside Lake

Hello, I received February’s rent, but I noticed on the monthly statement I was being charged for an extra 238 dollars? I had paid everything I owed for January already..

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Snow removal

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

I'm not sure what's going on with the snow removal but our sidewalks, with the exception of entrances, have not been shoveled... Parking lots look awful too. What's the deal?...

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Snow removal

Feedback Praise for Glencoe Hills

For once in all the time I have lived here Mckinley did an awesome job in removing the snow in a timely manner. I hope they keep it up, I have dreaded winter simply because of the huge mess we'd have to deal with in the parking lot...

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2105 laundry

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Hey guys, When you are doing laundry could you not use all of the machines at once? Other people live in the building and may also need to do laundry. Thanks