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Need someone to call me

Feedback Problem for Miramar Flats

I have called and left two messages and also put a post on here yesterday. I am trying to move out and no one is in contact with me for the process. Can someone please call me? Like ASAP? Thank you

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Moving out

Feedback Question for Miramar Flats

I need someone to contact me in regards to the moving out process. I called and left a message and no one called me back. Thank you.

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Maintenance & Front Office

Feedback Problem for

None of our issues has been addressed or fixed. There are numerous things that needs to be fixed in our apartment and hasn’t been inspected or fixed since June 7th which is when we moved in. We gave the front office a list of problems we’ve found throughout the apartment and only one has been fixed. We still need the maintenance team to: replace the entire A/C unit as promised Paint the walls and the closet doors Fix the electrical problem with the stove, we can’t use the oven Fix the door for the A/C closet Fix the front door of the apartment All of the stove burners needs to be replaced...

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Laundry Change

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I apologize if I have missed this information in our notices, but when can we expect the 'changes in laundry equipment' to be complete? On-site laundry is an absolute necessity for us and we are anxiously awaiting completion of this project. Thank you in advance...

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Magget Invasion

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WE have a serious health problem here. When I came back to my apartment this afternoon, I could smell a horrific odor coming from the wall nearest to my door. Then all over the wall and the door are maggots. There are also some next to my neighbors door too. It looks and smells like something is dead behind the wall. THere are what looks like a thousand or more maggots all over the walls and ground. I can't go in my front door anymore because they are trying to get into my house... I'm really worried because there is a gap below my door and I am trying to closely monitor it. I did...

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Feedback Question for

Why has the purrell been empty for a week? Why does the garbage always pile up? Why are the bathrooms in the gym locked when the gym is open?

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Stolen Bicycle

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Hey guys, just wanted to write a little note on here hoping maybe somebody would say something if they saw something. I happen to live in building 18 . Yesterday around 1 pm or so after a long morning of work i had to ride my bike home in the rain. Unfortunately like most, it is my only means of transportation for now. I happened to come home in between one job to get ready for the next and left my bike out front of my apartment (i know my bad for trusting my fellow tenants to NOT STEAL anothers belongings) it was leaning against my patio for less than an hour. Before some ******* decided to...

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Failure of Maintenance to fix habitual necessities.

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This is a direct violation of Florida’s landlord tenant law by failure to provide habitable living conditions. Since maintenance never fixes necessary problems - fire hazards, flooding, air conditioning, hot water, it is a direct violation of Florida Landlord-Tenant law. Residents can withhold rent until maintenance problems are fixed or hold the complex civilly liable.

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Trash around my apartment building

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I live in #283 and the grass needs to be cut, the sprinklers around my building do not work properly they seem to be broken and spraying water on ground. There is a bicycle, vacuum, and old air conditioner parts left in the bushes for weeks now. The bushes around the back of my building need to be cut back they are in the walkway, is maintenance not walking around looking for problems? Some people are grilling and then throwing their trash outside in the bushes outside of their apartment, it is getting out of hand, this is happening in building 33.

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Vandalism in the complex.

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A Walmart sit down scooter has been left in this complexes parking lot for several weeks ignored by maintenance and office staff. And that laziness to get this scooter out of the complex caused damage to my car. Yesterday around 4pm EST someone took said scooter, and proceeded to run it into my car several times causing $1,200 worth of damage to my brand new 2019 Corolla. I honestly no longer feel safe parking my car in the parking lot.