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Docks grafiti

Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

Hi, i was walking on the dock outside the office and there were a LOT of racial slurs written on the hand railings- really not a good look and makes me not want to invite people over. Can someone paint over these?

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Lack of Lighting

Feedback Problem for Park Place

Having light fixtures in all rooms would be very nice and frankly appropriate's picture

Relación de techo y el baño de visita

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

aun estoy esperando la reparación del techo y la filtración del 2 baño! Ya que tengo una filtración con un MOHO NEGRO El stachybotrys chart arum y mi preocupación son las 3 niñas en casa

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Is any of the staff checking their email or the service requests in the portal?

Feedback Question for Westshore Flats

Had AC trouble at move-in on Thursday, 08/15 - it was resolved. However, Elyse called to check-up on my AC issues on Monday. I described a new dripping noise and she said Johan would come back out. I haven't seen him yet. I also emailed Elyse, Taryn and Candase directly with a description of the now 2 noises with a video clip of the sound with no response. I put in a request through the portal this morning and still no action and no communication. Can someone please respond to my emails (2 sent to Elyse and Taryn and one sent to Candase). I hate to be a bother but my messages are being...

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Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

The back gate of the Manhattan side is not locking. I often see maintenance people on the grounds, like daily. Is there any way they can check all the gates and doors occasionally to make sure they are locking. This seems to be an on going issue that is never fully resolved. Along with the code to all the doors that have never been changed and there have been a lot of people move out recently so it is probably time to change all the door codes. But the main issue lies with the fact that on any given day there is probably a broken gate or door, allowing anyone to find their way in if they try...

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Feedback Question for Indigo Winter Park

I need to pay the partial rent from 08/23 to 08/31 I need verified amount

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Feedback Problem for Westshore Flats

I am contacting you for the third time in reference to my neighbor's dog. It is currently 10:40pm and I cannot rest peacefully in my home because the animal is making an exaggerated amount of noise. This is constant - day and night. I've been awakened by the dog at 3am, at 5am, and at midnight. I had to leave my apartment to take a ride and that's not fair to me. I should not be living in an uncomfortable setting. I like this community and don't want to move but this situation is very annoying and according to your resident handbook - unacceptable. I've been as...

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Dead frogs in electric meter room

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

It seems that the laundry room windows were left open and now there are dead frogs in the electrical meter room in building 2303. There is an unpleasant odor coming into my apartment. Can we get this cleaned up ASAP, please?

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Weed smoking in Bldg 2281

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Someone is smoking weed every night in building 2281. The hallway reeks and in turn my apartment reeks whenever my A/C comes on. Could you please address this? Could you remind tenants that any smoking in the building is a lease violation? This is getting ridiculous

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Feedback Problem for Indigo Winter Park

Is there an AC problem? Mine won't cool down. I had it set to 65 but it was reading 80. It was so hot. I even turned it down to 50 because I thought maybe it would cool down but it still won't get cool in my apartment. It is continuously raising in temperature and even running a fan isn't helping...