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Service Request Update

Feedback Question for 400 Maynard

I submitted a service request about a week ago and got an e-mail a couple days later saying that the follow-up was complete. Does this mean that the problem was fixed or is it something else?

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Email reminders

Feedback Question for The Gates and Manor

Will we get a reminder via email before rent is due?

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Feedback Question for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Who is in charge of the billing now? I had an issue with my power billing, and the previous person in charge of these issues doesnt seem to work for McKinley anymore. Just need to talk to whoever does those charges.

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Renewal lease offers

Feedback Question for The Gates and Manor

In the old portal I had offers to renew my lease, but with the new portal I can’t see them. Can you please email them to me. Thank you

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Feedback Question for

what is jasmines email address??

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Feedback Question for

Hello I have a couple concerns regarding the increase in my utility bill. I noticed last month my bill was 80 dollars. The office called me regarding the bill and they stated I had been billed incorrectly the previous month and they were just catching up. I was informed my next billing amount would be reasonable without any increase. I received my new billing amount and it was over 90 dollars. I do not understand why there has been a significant increase in my utility bill, being it is only a one bedroom apartment, with two adults who work most of the day and a child.

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Work Order

Feedback Question for

Please cancel the work order for my garbage disposal... it seems I have finally conquered the smell... Thanks.

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why this month the utility is double the last month?

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Do you add something else to the utility ? It was 17.00 and this month is 41.00

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Feedback Question for

It states on my status that the work order was completed however I don’t recall anyone coming today and if they did, I never got a notice that someone was in my apartment. Can you please verify. Thanks.

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Call Back

Feedback Question for

Hi, I was trying to call back about my apartment, but the automatic recording is saying that you aren't open. If someone could give me a call back, that would be great...