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Just to let you know

Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

The cleaning staff does a good job in hallways...people leave their junk after wards or because they forget to pick up their junk. Also my neighbor across the hall from me who has garden thinks we should trade apartments however I am not interested in this due to my MS and bone cancer.

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How do I print my payment history?

Feedback Question for Schooner Cove

How do I print my payment history?

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When will the office reopen?

Feedback Question for Aria Beach

Any update on when the office will reopen?

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Rent Payment

Feedback Question for Westwood Suites

I also paid rent since 9/1 and received a confirmation for this payment authorization at the moment but money hasn't been taken from the account and system has not updated. Please advise on this...

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Feedback Question for Westwood Suites

I have paid my rent since 08/30 and the system is not updated yet

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Regarding Recurring Payments

Feedback Question for Westshore Flats II

I received in my E-Mail a receipt for my recurring payment for the September charge yesterday, but it hasn't been taken out of my bank and I haven't had the charge taken off on my resident portal. What do I need to do?...

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Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

Hi i have been a resident of Harbor Beach since June of 2017, and I am very happy here, however i wanted to know if there is a possibility of transferring to a community that has a 3 bedroom apartment. Please advise thank you so much

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making sure I paid the right account

Feedback Question for Coconut Palms

I have a Receipt for the $900 I paid this morning.Transaction number is 158667761. Please let me know if I did this correctly. Thank You : )

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Rent Payment

Feedback Question for Indigo Winter Park

Hello, I'm currently a student enrolled at Full Sail. Not sure when someone will see this but I received in the mail a billing statement. The last time I paid for rent I paid for the month plus 4 months in advance, do I still need to pay the amount indicated in the billing statement? And if so, I pay by check and I don't believe your office will be open on Labor Day because of the holiday and incoming hurricane, so if I do need to pay how will I be able to and not be late on the 3rd? I'd prefer not paying online because of the processing fees...

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Income change

Feedback Question for The Ponds

Im sorry can someone give me a call about a income change i reported beginning of july...