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Miscellaneous charge?

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Pls clarify what these charges relate to? 11/8/2018 Miscellaneous Elec Admin Fee 50.00 11/8/2018 Occupied Elec Recovery DTE BILL 10/9-10/31/18 74.80

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Security Concerns

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I have been noticing a couple of damaged cars parked within the apartment complex with windshields smashed in. I am not sure if they are connected or if it just happens to be a coincidence but I am concerned about the security within the complex, especially with respect to any possible vandalism or burglary happening in the parking lots.

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Update car info

Feedback Question for The Tower

I brought back a new car, do I need to update my car info with the office? If so, how do I go about doing that?

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Why was I charged for something that I do not even know?

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Why do I have Damage/Lockout Charge, purchased router, $58.29 ? Also, why did I not get a notification of this?

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I understand that the corporate visit had to happen but I don't understand the need for pictures? I feel very uncomfortable that a man I didn't know was allowed to take pictures of my entire apt including my bedroom. Is this something that is going to happen regularly?...

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Mandatory Inspections

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Mandatory inspections in each of the last two months, is this going to be the norm or just a blip? Have no problem with it, but it seems excessive and annoying. Have a great Holiday.

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Feedback Question for The Tower

Wondering the best way to get options about resigning my lease for next year?

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Yoga and Pilates Offering

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Hi there! I just recently moved into The George and the Ann Arbor area this past weekend. I come from Cincinnati, where I ran a pilates and yoga studio for 4 years. I am a certified pilates, yoga, and Private/group training instructor and would love to offer some classes to the residents in the yoga room. I just thought I would offer my assistance if needed. I still do classes online for my former clients in Cincinnati and have a pilates reformer I would love to give private instruction to. Feel free to check out my website or social media pages on Facebook and Instagram (movewithelizabeth...

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Christmas trees

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Just curious if we are able to have real Christmas trees in our apartments, or only fake Christmas trees.

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Have the Windmeadows office hours changed to account for Daylight Savings?

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Now that we have gone off Daylight Savings, have the office hours changed at all?