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Lease Question

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

I was hoping to speak to someone in the office about this today, but haven't been able to reach anyone. What is the protocol/procedure for ending a lease early at Conway Forest?...

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Feedback Question for Manhattan Flats

My moving day is this Sunday. Where I leave the keys?????

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Leasing is ending

Feedback Question for Studio Parc

My lease ends on the 23rd which falls on Sunday this week, I know sundays are only by appointment so I am Not sure what to do.

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Water shut off building A

Feedback Question for The Villas

Was the water supposed to be off? My brother flushed the toilet & bathroom floor is flooded. I’m now cleaning it and there was a LOT of water in there.. I don’t know where the rest of the water went.

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Pool Rules

Feedback Question for The Parks

I didn't keep a copy of the Pool Rules flyers that were sent out, but to my recollection, there were rules concerning how many kids per adult. Hate to sound like a killjoy, but, geez, over ten kids to two adults is a bit ridiculous (as it was today at the pool). We told the minor with us that no running and jumping in, cannonballing, etc., was allowed -- only to get there and witness nearly a dozen other kids doing such. This happened last summer, but I hoped the more strict policy was going to correct it. Kids want to have fun at the pool - I get that. However, it's not fun for the...

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Gate code at Willow Flats

Feedback Question for Willow Flats

Did you all change the gate code for Willow Flats and not tell anybody? If so, what is the new code?

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Feedback Question for Manchester West

Hi Manchester West, I'm curious whether any landscaping work will be done in the very wet areas of our grounds? For example, the "moat" between 1922 and its' neighbor and the parking lot is often a narrow swamp or even puddle. Weeks ago, a lot of clay was dumped under the bridge to the entrance of 1922's neighbor, but nothing else has been done to it. And on the path to the tennis courts, there are two big slabs of concrete of that have been inundated and are now growing slimy stuff. You can't sidestep, either, because the grass is very wet/muddy. I had offered...

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Feedback Question for The Courtyards

Did the rent go up because I don’t recall a letter saying otherwise?

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free floor cleaning

Feedback Question for Golfside Lake

I was told i could get a free floor cleaning when i signed my new lease. Can i get this soon? And who do i need to contact . thanks

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Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

Hi, Can we paint our kitchen cabinets? I can’t stand the dark brown. It makes the kitchen feel smaller than it is. Can I paint them white like some of the other apartments have?