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Smoke / Marijuana On Patio

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

I would like to know if marijuana smoking rules IN FLORIDA including on the balconies are allowed at Conway Forest. Passing shame with visitors who frequent the condominium.

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Utilities get more expensive every month

Feedback Question for Manhattan Flats

Hello! I don’t know what’s happening, but I’m living here since July and every month after that, I’ve been paying over $100 on utilities only. I live alone and it’s suppose to be $1099 and with utilities, it’s over $1,213. It’s way to much. Also, I’ve try to contact management for my noisy upstairs neighbors, and nothing has happened. They still bother every day and specially every night. They don’t let me sleep. Thanks

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when will the laundry be working?

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

the laundry room near 1830 will be working anytime soon?

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Laundry room

Feedback Question for Celano Apartments

I’ve forgotten the code for the laundry room. What is it?

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Need to Register New Car for Parking

Feedback Question for The Pines

Hello, I sold my car and bought another car. The license plate is the same, KEIG31, but the model is different. I now drive a Hyundai Accent SE, bronze color. I forgot to take the old parking decal off the car I sold. Can you please issue me a new parking decal and leave it in my mail box? I am working 8am to 6pm this week and can't come to your office during the normal office hours. Thanks, Nicholas Muller...

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Late fees on the 3rd???

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

Why was the late fee added to my account on the 3rd? I've paid my rent on the 3rd numerous times and never had the late fee added until after 12:00am on the 4th. Why the change and where is it on my lease?...

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Found Dogs

Feedback Question for Schooner Cove

The humane society has posted the following, along with a picture. I know I’ve seen these pups being walked around schooner cove, and they were found in the area. I know the office requires pictures and information on all dogs at schooner. Please help Find their owner. These dogs were found on 10/30/19 at Huron River Dr and Tuttle Hill Rd at Schooner Cove – Ypsilanti Township. If you think this might be your lost pet, please copy down the ID number listed, and call the HSHV Intake Department at 734-661-3545 for more information. We may need you to bring specific things with you to the shelter...

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Future Pool Usage

Feedback Question for The Parks

I know it's the winter time now so this is irrivalant but once the summer season hits again, could you guys possibly make an adult swim hour? I've lived here since 2015 and have not been able to enjoy the pool at all due to so many kids being in it. I know its supposed to be fun but as an adult with no children, I dont want to always have to swim with a pool full of kids trying to splash strangers. It would be nice if there was an hour or two for adults who may want to enjoy the pool without the kiddos...

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Rent Payment

Feedback Question for Schooner Cove

I guess I’m a bit confused about how I would pay rent from a money order if you guys are closed on the weekend. I wasn’t able to pay on the first, so yesterday (November 2nd) I did a money order, thinking there was a rent drop off at the office. I could Only find a key drop off so I placed the money order there and kept the receipt. My issue is that there is no one to tell it’s there, no one to answer questions, no one to help at all on weekends.

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Resident ID

Feedback Question for Bellagio

How can I get my Resident ID to make the Rent Payment through Walmart or Amscot?