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How long packages are held.

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I have some packages that will be coming in within the next week or so, though I won't beable to pick any of them up until likely the 7th or 8th since I only get back from vacation around 6:00-6:30. My question is how long on average are larger package held for since it will likely be a few days after the packages arrive before I can pick them up...

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Not having Rent amounts-in paper or electronic form

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I have always taken pride on paying my bills significantly early and since the new billing system took effect, I am very uncomfortable with how close to the due date is to when I finally get a bill. I just cannot do things last minute due to my working schedule. And it is rather inconsiderate, in my opinion, that here it is a week before the new month and I have nothing to show what my payment is to be....either in a form of an invoice in the mail or electronically on here. Last month I even had to guess on what my payment was when I paid it cause the invoice was not in my mail until 2 days...

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Maintenance in Apartment?

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Can you tell me if a maintenance tech was in my apartment yesterday? Someone was inside while I was at work because all of the lights were odd and there was a residue on the floor so want to make sure it was maintenance. I put in a request a few days ago about spraying for bugs so that could be it but want to confirm. Thanks

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I have to set my heater at 90F and leave the heater turned on for an hour to increase room temperature from 53F to 62F. This costs me a lot of electricity since I have to leave it turned on for a long time. Does anyone experience similar problem? I am freezing.. -- Update: Two hours mark. 68F. Set temperature is 90F.

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Heating bill?

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Hi I was wondering if anyone can explain why the heating bill in the Tower is so ridiculously expensive? I lived in the same unit last year, we never turn our heat above 64 and the bill can get up to $400. Do we have electric heat or is the system just really outdated? I'm just really sick of having to pay so much money to consumers in the winter....

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I received a notice that I needed to fill out new guarantor paperwork due to the McKinley switch and re-signing my lease. I was told I could do this online but I can't find anywhere to do this. If you could point me in the right direction that would be very helpful. Thanks...

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Recycling Containers

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Hi! Is there any intention to get a recycling container on premises somewhere? If not, is there any way we could get a personal one from WM? Thanks!

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Water shut off

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I didn't get a notice about the water being shut down. When will it be back?.....

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How do I make an appointment to come in and pay my lease today if I call and no one answers?

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Water Shut Down

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I didn't get a notice about the water being shut down. When will it be back?...