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5:30 am trash

Feedback Question for Monterey Lake

The last three times the trash was picked up at or around 5:30am. I understand the overflow issue is a risk but 5:30am is a bit early. Is there anything that can be done to at lease make it 7:00am or so.

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Anyone want a TV?

Feedback Question for Indigo Winter Park

Hello everyone. I'm selling a 55' LCD TV for $650. I've only had it for about a year and I made sure that everything that came with it is all packed back up. The price is very low (it was originally $2,100) back I can assure you that nothing is wrong with it. I just simply don't want it anymore, and I'd rather have someone else have it instead of throwing it away. Give me a call at (715) 330-9953 or e-mail me at if you're interested...

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Feedback Question for Bellagio

Hey I live across the street at the Bellagio Apartments, also owned by McKinley. I am new to the area and I love to bass fish. I was over fishing along Lake Fredrica, the lake your apartment complex is on, and I saw there were a couple boats on shore. I was wondering if anyone was ever looking for another fisherman to join them bass fishing? If so, please reply to this message! Thanks, Ray

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Feedback Question for Coconut Palms

I Have lived at Coconut Palms for 4 years now and I love it. I have lived the best places around but this one beats them all. The office staff is wonderful, so attentive and will go out their way to help, thanks again Joceline! The maintance guys are simply wonderful, right on the ball, thanks Johnathan and Anthony! There are never any problems, your occasional party but who doesn't have that. I have done my laundry all hours of the night and never had a problem. Thank you Coconut Palms I love you!...

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why dont we have modern stoves or fridges.....??

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

i barely cook bcuz my stove works on n off. i cant buy too many groceries bcuz if i do my fridge will not cool enough for all of it. (including freezer..) i cant wait for my lease to be over in may 2011 just so fed up.. i enjoy living here it would be nice if they just fixed all the maintenance issues.......

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Where is The Parks Community?

Feedback Question for Park Place

I currently am able to pay for my rent online, however, I am unable to see my community on this site. I am a resident of The Parks at the Villages of Taylor in Taylor, MI. Will someone be adding this soon? Thanks, Gwen Webb

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Holes in the fences

Feedback Question for Bella Casa

There are holes in the fences. I mean literally where someone broke a hole in the white fence surrounding the property. I see people always walking through and crossing between the property on the other side of the fence and then walking to Coconut Grove. I don't mind when the kids use it because they are trying to catch buses but why not then just put an opening or door somewhere in the gate. The opening is right by the dumpster and it just looks so bad to see people going back and forth...

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Building upgrades?

Feedback Question for Evergreen

I have read allot of comments regarding building upgrades, and I am very happy to hear this! Just wondering if building 12a is on that list at all? We have lived here for three years, and this building is very run down! The walls in the hallway have mold on them, the carpet is disgusting, and its just worn out. Any chance our upgrades are coming soon? Also is it possible to get a dishwasher installed in an apartment that currently does not have one? How much would that cost? As well is it possible to ask for new carpet in your apartment? When we moved in it was not new, and had existing...

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October rent

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

You can be our next early bird!!!!! Pay rent by September 30th, and you can win $100.00 off November rent.... Remember, rent and water bill is due on the 1st of the month... Thanks you, Harbor Beach Apartments

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Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

how long does it take for maintenance to actually come for maintenance issues??