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Parking violation

Feedback Question for Palio

I had a parking violation sticker on my vehicle this morning when I have a sticker on the driver side front window since my rear window is tinted. Several other cars have their sticker in the same place. Please let me know the issue so my vehicle is not towed.'s picture


Feedback Question for Conway Forest

i would like to ask is the treadmills fix already?

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If I fix the seal on my tub, will you reimburse me the cost?

Feedback Question for Harper Flats

I have already had maintenance visit and claim there is no issue with the tub not holding water. I informed him (prior to closing the ticket) it was a slow leak. I ran water this evening - full tub, but was distracted by urgent e-mails. When I reentered the bathroom the tub was entirely empty. So, again, will you reimburse my expense to correct this issue myself?'s picture

bldg 1639

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

Hello, I've noticed that the contractors are leaving apartments wide open after they leave for the day. Are they supposed to leave them open or are they supposed to be locked at End of Day? They have also left scrap/unused materials scattered throughout the completed and loose nails. Can we make sure they they are cleaning up after themselves? Also, they've detached the fence door to the apartment below us, but havent replaced it...

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Kitchen sink

Feedback Question for The Ponds

Does anyone else have problems with the kitchen sink backing up?? I can’t run the dishwasher without it backing up or wash by hand without a nasty Oder and everything coming back up.

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Lost keys

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Hello, my husband lost on Saturday the keys to the truck and apartment with gray ring near the tennis court. We continue search for them. Maybe someone will bring to the office as found. Please let me know if it will. Very grateful. my email: or 73488124444 Tatiana.

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Will you provide the community area gate code, please?

Feedback Question for Harper Flats

The code for the electronic lock is not a valid one, or the e-lock is malfunctioning and needs remedied

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Amazon hub

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

How do we get this set up?

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Spotted: Orange Cat named Coolio

Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

I found an orange tabby cat towards the back, northeastern side of the complex (by the last building north of International). His tag said "Coolio" with a 586 number. Unfortunately, he escaped before I could get the whole number and call his owner. Just a heads up if Coolio's owner is looking for him!...

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Balcony Repairs - Estimated Completion Date?

Feedback Question for Traver Crossing

Hello, Do you have an estimate of when the balcony repairs would be completed? Hoping to enjoy the last few warm weeks outside !! Thank you