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Interior moisture

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Anyone else experiencing excessive interior condensation on all of the inside windows? I'm on the ground level, it's been dry for several days, and the inside of all of my windows is wet. Mold is beginning to grow on my furniture. I'm fairly new to the area. Is this normal?...

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Water Bill

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I don't see anything about paying for water in the lease I signed. Did this change or has it always been that way? If so, how come nobody informed me that we had to pay for utilities other than electricity? One of the reasons I chose the Tower to live in this year was because there was only 1 utility bill. Can someone please explain this?...

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Utility Billing (RUBS) Water Bill 67.54

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Hi, I have paid USD 67.54 against the titled expense charged to me. Kindly send me a detailed invoice so that I can know for which all period these charges are being paid.

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Consumers advice?

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My last consumer bill was ~220$ and that's for a single apartment which I feel is completely absurd (paying about 1.1k to live here a month). I know that a few of you have the same concerns and was wondering if you had found any solutions...

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Paying rent c

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What if I get paid every two weeks and I have some extra cash on me can I pay bits and pieces oh my rent on the off weeks

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Litter clean up

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There is a lot of loose litter behind the white garbage housing in front of the 3800 building and a ton of litter and scattered garbage down the hill behind the dumpster. I was wondering if this may be cleaned up soon. Thank you.

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Water Bill/RUBS?

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Where is the $33.77 water bill coming from?

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No rent bill in mail

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I have noticed I have not received my monthly statement in the mail for my rent bill this month. Last month it came two days before it was due. Not sure if this is due to the holidays or what is going on. I have checked online and it's there, but there's no billing for the utilities in this months bill...

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Water Bill?

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What is utility bill? I have never seen water bill before, but it comes out from December? is it water that i used from August? or just a month?

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Good afternoon. I had a package delivered and am currently at home for winter break. Is there a way to make sure that this package will not be sent back until I return on January 6th?