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Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

Please have someone look into our building 1639, my water and sewer bill is pretty high and I’ve never in previous places I’ve lived in paid so much, please check for water leaks, I saw water dripping from a pipe that’s coming out from the side of the building towards the parking lot, this could be the cause.

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Answer the Phones??

Feedback Question for SoHo Flats

How many times do I have to call the office and leave a message for someone to get back to me??

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Water in bldg 1639

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

Is there something going on with our piping? Our water make a weird noise when you turn on the kitchen faucet.

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Security Deposit

Feedback Question for Manchester West

Hello, my name is Andrew Erickson and I live in building 1930 Apt 1 with Faye Johnson. Our lease is ending July 7th, and I was wondering how you guys do the security deposit return? We are both going in different directions, but I paid the security deposit initially so I will be getting the refund back (if there is one). I moved out awhile ago and realized also I never left my forwarding address. I don''t know if you guys have a form I need to fill out, but I included it within this message if you want to update your records. If you mail a refund check out, this would be the address...

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Community Wide "Garage" Sale?

Feedback Question for Bella Vita

Would such a thing be allowed? I think it might be a really cool idea, but I'm not even sure if we're allowed to do something like that...

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Pool temp

Feedback Question for Bayside Villas

Would you please lower the water temp in the pool? do we even need the "heater" on with Mother nature doing a fine job ? It's not comfortable to be in the water that warm Thank you in advance!...

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Rent payment didn't go through?

Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

Hello, I just scheduled a rent payment and the website is still saying that I owe rent for July. Do I need to schedule it again? I'm worried that if I do I'll get charged twice. Thanks...

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Feedback Question for The Pines

would like to know why the health department shut the pool down??? why were we not notified that the pool was closed due to health department? I find this to be poor management. Residents need to be informed as to what is going on.

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Still Waiting

Feedback Question for Iris Flats

Many of us are still waiting for an explanation as to the extreme increase in the water bill. I hope you can understand our incredulity at the amount, especially when the most many are accustomed to paying, especially when renting an apartment, is about $30. In comparison, $75 for a 1 bedroom 1 occupant is ridiculous. I know I speak for many residents when I say we are entitled to an explanation regarding how exactly the cost is calculated (not a vague answer regarding an equation or that another company comes up with the number) and why the cost has increased so dramatically. Similarly, any...

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Lease Question

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

I was hoping to speak to someone in the office about this today, but haven't been able to reach anyone. What is the protocol/procedure for ending a lease early at Conway Forest?...