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My Apartment Already Has an AC Cover

Feedback Question for The Tower

I noticed my apartment listed for the a/c cover installation scheduled for Thursday 24th of January. My apartment already had the cover installed. Is this going to be replaced or is it just going to be inspected?

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Hi. Kurt, I should be in Gainesville on Friday, January 25, 2019. I travel from Campinas (Sao Paulo state) to Orlando tomorrow morning and I´ll be in Orlando at night around 9:00pm to 10:00pm. On Friday, I´ll be going to Gainesville. See you. Thanks. Alfredo

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Icy sidewalks

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Good morning. Just wondering if we can get some salt on the sidewalks. I couldn't even walk to my car this morning...

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AC Covers for Apartments Not Listed.

Feedback Question for The Tower

Hi, I noticed in the schedules posted that my room number isn't within the list of those getting A/C covers. Is there a reason for this? My apartment has cold drafts coming in constantly and I've been fearful to touch the heat out of fear of the $300 dollar bills I see people posting about here. I'm also interested in the window sealings others have described...

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Parking Ramp

Feedback Question for The Tower

Hey Tower, my car is a trusty car. She gets me from A to B. Unless A is the bottom of a snowy parking ramp and B is my parking spot. I've parked out front, in one of the only available spots. Can you please notify me like you did for that car the other day if this is a problem, because you haven't in the past and I'm not trying to pay another 200$+ tow charge. Also how much does the "premium" parking cost. Thanks...

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Feedback Question for The Tower

Does the $250 gift card apply to someone who signed a lease for 2019-2020 back in the fall?

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Window cover instillation

Feedback Question for The Tower

Hi, I know you are currently doing AC cover installations (thanks!), but I heard that the Towers does window cover instillation (same reasons as the AC covers). I was wondering if this was still offered?

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wifi password for gym

Feedback Question for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Can you please provide me with the wifi password for Mckinley Guest wifi? my previously saved password no longer works, thank you!

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Hot Water

Feedback Question for The Tower

Hello. I just found out today that I don't have any hot water in my apartment. I went to take a shower and got nothing but cold water. Is there something I forgot to pay for or maybe something else I missed that I need to do in order to get hot water restored? Thank you...

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smoke detector

Feedback Question for The Gates and Manor

My smoke detector in E401, first bedroom, keeps beeping. this is the third time I've had to ask to get them fixed after the inspections. If i have to ask one more time to get them to stop beeping, I am going to lose it. Please fix this first thing in the morning. I do not understand why ther was a second set of inspections and the battery was replaced in my smoke detector when nothing was wrong with it. I am livid and annoyed. fix this as soon as possible...