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AC Cover

Feedback Question for The Tower

We live in apartment 707 at The Tower and have not yet received our AC covers, which were promised by the end of January. When will those be installed in our unit?

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Air Conditioner

Feedback Question for Sun Pointe

When will the air be switched back considering it’s not as cold as you assumed it would be?

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Rent Payment

Feedback Question for

I could not see my rent statement... I wanted to still just pay to avoid collecting fees... it won't even let me make a payment...

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Online Rent Payment

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Hello, Neither my roommate or I can see what we owe online for the rent this month. Is it going to show up on the website today, or is it possible that it is going to be late? Thank you, Sarah A

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Feedback Question for

I need a copy of what I owe because rent is due tomorrow and I have no idea of what to expect to pay!

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Feedback Question for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Has anyone found a fob in the gym? Thank you

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New ownership

Feedback Question for

The maintenance guy said Sailpointe has been sold to a new company and is no longer owned by McKinley. Is this true?

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Work order that was completed

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Thank you for coming in to fix the repairs needed. I know it's cold out and I really appreciate the work that maintenance does whenever I put in a request....I'm not sure if someone was coming back to do another coat on the wall because you can still see the dent in the wall...if that's the best that can be done...that's fine..Still appreciative... Thanks...

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When will rent be posted?? 3 days before it is due and I do not have a rent bill...

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breakdown bill for utility

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Hi office staff at Windmeadows, where in our account can we view the breakdown of the bill for utility that we pay to you together with the rent? In the "Pay Rent" tag, I only see a total of the utility, but no breakdown. We want to see the breakdown of this upcoming payment, as well as the past months to understand why it surges unusually for this upcoming payment. Thanks! Mey...