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Service Request history

Feedback Question for Bella Capri

Recently every work order l put in is being removed. It shows it's been updated on my email but l can't find it in my history. Actually I don’t know why the last order that is reflected is from 2018 even having more that five orders during this year and two from this week...

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Hazardous electricity cables exposed

Feedback Question for Bella Capri

Thank you for fix the AC last Monday. Can someone now put the lid of the AC unit outside of the apartment back on before get lost, misplaced or used improperly ? Thought placing a service request and asked to the maintenance staff was enough.

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Work orders

Feedback Question for The Ponds

Recently every work order l put in is being removed. It shows it's been updated on my yahoo but l can't find it in my history...

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Feedback Question for Aria Beach

Hi, when will the gym be open again?

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Return Keys

Feedback Question for Willow Flats

My roommate and I are ready to return the keys, however, the leasing office is closed for the day. Should we turn it in first thing tmrw morning? Our place is completely cleared out. Thanks

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Response to email

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

I am just wondering if Lauren is still our manager? I sent an email to Lauren over 2 weeks ago and have not yet heard back from her regarding an issue in my apartment. I have tried calling several times at various times and hours and I always reach voice mail. While this issue is not an emergency, I would like to talk to Lauren or the manager regarding this issue before filing a maintenance request. Many Thanks. Susan From Apt 1101

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Security/noise concern

Feedback Question for Aria Beach

Who do we call now for non-emergency after hours security or noise concern problems? Currently, someone is installing (and blasting) new speakers from their car and it sounds like I'm at an outside concert. It's totally rude and disturbing and makes the property seem "ghetto" (for a lack of better words). Before, we had security that we could call for issues like this. Who does security for the property now...who do we call?...

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Money Order

Feedback Question for Riva

I left the rest of our rent with the gentleman on friday. He put the in his desk ans I have seen it updated yet. Two Western Union money orders, one in $500 ans other $395

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Mail box key

Feedback Question for Aria Beach

I don't have one...

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Air conditioning

Feedback Question for The Courtyards

What is required to have ac unit installed in the master bedroom?