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Ignore Service Request GH442441

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

I submitted a work order last night (GH442441) to have the garbage disposal in the kitchen sink fixed for 2128 #8, but I ended up being able to fix it myself this afternoon. I don't see a way to cancel the service request, so if you could tell maintenance they can just mark that request completed, that would be great. Thanks!...

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Feedback Question for Conway Forest

good night. After a month watching the parking logistics. I noticed that there are no rules. What is the control of vacancies? Is there a block map or is it like this: "who arrives with the car parks wherever they want?" I notice that there is more car than vacancies. Waiting instructions...

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What is the pet fee?

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

I'm really tempted to get two cats but I don't know how much it's going to cost...

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Feedback Question for Riva

Are you guys going to be in the office today, Saturday September 7? I have a couple packages to pick up and I work during the week you are open so I have no way to come pick them up Monday -Friday.

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Missing package - please help

Feedback Question for Manchester Flats

Hi, I live at 1122 Norman Place and FedEx swears they delivered a package on Tuesday that I cannot find. Does anyone see a box with "Monat Global" on it in their lobby?...

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Changing Shower Head

Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

Are we allowed to change the shower head in the bathroom to a type that fits our needs?

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Feedback Question for The Parks

I have a question, once my mother moves out my place in November, is it possible for me to get new carpet?

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Feedback Question for The Ponds

is There any way I can get my dishwasher replaced or fixed cause I was told since some. Buildings are old a lot of things don’t work and that’s just that

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Package for return

Feedback Question for Indigo Winter Park

Would I be able to leave a package in the office for return for UPS?

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Work orders

Feedback Question for The Villas

I wanted to see if someone could take a look at my maintenance orders. I’ve submitted 2 in the last week, for the same thing, days apart, but it still hasn’t been completed.