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Service request

Feedback Question for The Parks

I put in a service request on July 3. Got email confirmation. Still no response.

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Feedback Question for Carlyle Flats

Hello, Carlyle is out of propane again in both grills. Can we please get some tomorrow? Thank you

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Building 9 Power

Feedback Question for The Villas

Is there any time table for how long the power will be out in bldg 9? Seems as if this section has more issues than others.

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McKinley Resident Garage Sales

Feedback Question for Aria Beach

Are we allowed to post any items for sale on this site or to offer services to our community/residents? For example Garage sale this weekend or DJ services for your event. I DJ so I was just wondering if we could submit these kinds of posts. I believe this could help build great rapport with our residents. Also, thank you for keeping us updated on everything that is taking place here at Aria Beach.

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final walk thru

Feedback Question for Manhattan Flats

Would you be available on Saturday, July 20th for a final walk thru? If so, what time works best

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Air conditioning

Feedback Question for Park Place

Hi I just recently submitted a maintenance ticket about my ac, but the issue has resolved itself. Please cancel my maintenance ticket

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Lost baby towel

Feedback Question for Park Place

We lost our baby's towel in the pool was last Wednesday please if someone could help us it is white and small with a cap. If someone will find it please take it to the office. Thank you...

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Sprinkler system

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

Considering it is hurricane season and it rains everyday, when do you plan on turning the sprinkler system off? There are also numerous sprinklers broken thanks to your contractors, so at this point you're wasting a lot of water along with our money. Lastly, you can include me on the list of residents who have gotten a screw in their tire thanks to your contractors!...

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Children Play Area

Feedback Question for The Ponds

I Have Notice That Older Kids Are Playing Basket Ball On The Monkey Bars Where Little Kids Are Playing & I Was Wondering Is There Away We Can Get A Basketball Court For The Older Kids So They Can Play Basketball Away From The Younger Kids & They Both Can Enjoy The Playground?!

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Feedback Question for The Parks

I had to give up a wonderful old pit mix dog when I moved here. He was great. I'm thankful that i still get to see him frequently. my question is this, everyday i see multiple straight up pitbull dogs all throughout this complex.... what's the deal?...