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Feedback Question for Bayshore Flats

How did RUBS go up $45 from last month? That seems a little steep?

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Feedback Question for Aria Beach

Why my rent payment is going up every month, can someone explain to me please?

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12/20/19 Work Order

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

I have a 2 teenagers at my apartment for the holiday break. They've just informed me that someone, perhaps a maintenance guy came to clean the a/c unit. Who was this and why? I'm asking why because Walter addressed and corrected this work order on this past Friday. This is very upsetting as I was not aware of any visitors today, especially having kids there without my presence. They are aware of not answering the door for strangers, luckily my mom happened to stop by and opened the door for this individual. Are the work orders not updated when completed????...

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I'm glad that the new trash collection is collecting recyclables

Feedback Question for The Pines

I just re-read the notice from Affinity. They don't tell us WHAT materials they'll collect for recycling and, also, HOW they want it packaged (all recyclables together or in separate trash bags?). Can you get us some idea of what they'll collect and how we should set it out? This is a great new service...

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Need someone to contact me

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

I received an email from Stephanie regarding the lease ending and I replied to get more information regarding our options and nobody has replied. The phone number provided, always sends to a voicemail, we went to the office and nobody was able to assist. I sent another email and still nothing. So I'm writing thru here and hopefully someone will contact me. I don't want someone telling us we missed the deadline to do anything when there's proof we've tried to get with you. The number ending in 7771 in our lease is the best number to contact us...

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Water outage

Feedback Question for Aria Beach

Hey My apartment 236 at 2921, the water is currently turned off. And I was confused and wanted to make sure there was a reason for the shut off.

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Feedback Question for Manhattan Flats

Who do I contact about the dryer I used not working or drying my clothes at all, costing $1.75 for these always broken machines?? Also why has the cost gone up and the amount of time the machines are broken gone up?

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Puppy Found

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

White, tan, black blue eyed puppy found this morning by building 1647. He's inside the dog park right now!...

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Lost letter

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

Hi there, I have a lost letter, if by mistake my letter are in your mailbox, please put it back at mine: 1217 the letter is in name of Barbara T Escalona and is very important. I’ve already request another letter but it’ll take at least 2 months...Thank you all so much

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Laundromat located

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

How many laundry buildings do we have and where are they located?