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A rise in the monthly rent

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For the second time I've seen that there has been a huge bump in the utility payment that's added onto the monthly rent. It's now $80 when it use to be $40. Is there some kind of reason that we don't know about as to why it has jumped that high?...

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Rent balance

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I've usually paid the next month's rent by now but I don't see my Oct balance listed. I was wondering if it's just an issue on my end...

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Mail box and parcel box number

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What is my mailbox and parcel box number?

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move-out damage assessment

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Hi, I received the notice that someone will be coming through to do a move-out damage assessment of my apartment sometime tomorrow. I would like to be home when that happens, is it possible to schedule that for Wednesday 9/18 at 3:30 instead of tomorrow. Sincerely, Christina Plantz

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I am having difficulties with my mail. I went maybe a 2 week period without checking it and then came back to find my box completely empty and my name is no longer in the box. I am waiting on 2 debit cards, and a shipment from my nutrition supplier. The post office has nothing there (this was via phone call!) I am completely perplexed. Is there any way that you guys have it at the office? Sincerely Nicole Rowley Sailpoint Unit 315

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Guest pay

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Do you have an option for someone (me) to pay someone else's rent. My son has been blocked from online pymt (Drake Daniels 169 Lotus, apt2) and I would like to get him caught up using my credit card? Is this possible. I am in Lebanon so would like to be able to do it without coming to Carmel. Thank you, My name is Jennifer Smith and my phone # is 765-891-3085...

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When will the pool close for seasons?

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Rangeline Rd

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When is Rangeline Rd expected to be completed?

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Pool closure

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When will the pool be closed for the season?

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I know I recently signed a new lease and im curious at my options to opt out early as im spending a lot of time out of town now that I wasnt at the time I signed. Curious if theres anyway to opt out early if there is a waiting list or if I find someone to take over my lease how that all works