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Member posts?

Feedback Question for Manchester Flats

Is there a way to post in the announcement area? I lost something last year and spotted it while at the pool on a Park Place resident's deck. I'd love to get in touch with them and try getting it back. Any tips?...

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Tried to pay rent online

Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

I tried to pay my rent charges online but after the "processing payment" window closed the browser showed a page with a lot of SQL errors. The pay online page says to wait 24 hours to make sure the charges are updated and I am worried that if I try to submit the payment again it will charge me twice. I will check it again tomorrow unless someone can call me and confirm whether or not the payment went through. Thanks!...

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air conditioning maintainence

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

I work at a home improvement store and one of my customers uses a spray to clean out the vents of the air conditioning system (it is designed for that). My question is, can I buy that and spray it in my system to eliminate the extreme dust? I have no problem buying it and doing it myself (opposed to waiting for maintainence).

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Dumpster Area Overflowing

Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

I guess something is wrong with the dumpster as it is overflowing with trash. It looks and smells terrible.

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Hurricane preparedness?

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

Hello... Just wondering how your company handles hurricane preparedness? Will you be boarding up the windows for us? I assume we will need to buy our own sand bags. This is all speculative based upon what will happen. anthrogeek10

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ISTA Fee Increase

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Can you please explain why my ISTA fees for period 4/25 - 5/25 have increased by 20% ?

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Feedback Question for Coconut Palms


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Feedback Question for Studio Parc

~DWAYNE DAVIS CERTIFIED TENNIS INSTRUCTOR~ Looking to learn how to play the game of tennis? well i am a certified tennis instructor that has tennis lessons available. I teach children ages(4-17) prices for children:25@ hour & adults(18 &up) prices for adults are $35@ hour. if you are interested please contact me by via email or by via telephone (407)485-0979. i am a resident at Studio Parc and i will be holding tennis lessons at the Coconut Palms tennis court. on S. Kirkman and Conroy rd. thank you i look foward to hearing from some potential canadites. thank...

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Feedback Question for Coconut Palms

I just wanted to put in a good word on behalf of the management at Coconut Palms! We have lived here for over a year now and since the new management team has come in, Jamie and Jocelyn have really exceeding my expectations! They have worked with us on our rent and have been a blessing.'s picture

Enjoying Waldengreen

Feedback Question for Riva

I moved here reluctantly after reading a few reviews online, but after a year of being here I don't regret my decision to try this property. The air conditioning works. The noise from the highway is minimal and non-existent once you close you doors and windows. I had read that the walls were paper thin but have not had problems with my neighbors and they have not had any problems with me as far as I know. We all live her in peaceful harmony and I find here to be quite peaceful. I hope to stay here for a while unless my family unit grows and I find more space to be a necessity. The...