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Feedback Question for Bellagio

To Whom it May Concern: I have addressed the Waste Management here at Bellagio several times. Each and every time I am told that a plan would be put in affect to address the issue. Every week it looks disgusting and smells even worst. This is a health risk for me and my fellow residents. I'm surprised that the health department has not been informed yet. I live next to the HAZARDOUS WASTE. My daughter and enjoy taking walks but every time we step outside we are submitted to this horrific view and sent. When I have visitors over I am embarrassed and frustrated to explain why it is that...

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Thank you...

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

Hi I really enjoyed living at Harbor Beach and hope to someday come back. Thank you.

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Online payment security

Feedback Question for Meadowbrook Village

I just noticed when I submitted my payment that the full credit card account number displays and not the last four digits. I'd saved the info so I would not have to re-enter every time but it looks like this is not a good idea. I have been doing on-line payments for years now and this is the first time in years I have seen a complete credit card number display. How secure is this site? This seems like Identity Theft heaven to me. So, just how SAFE is this method of payment...

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Ista Bill

Feedback Question for Schooner Cove

Can you pay your ista bill online?

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I never recieved an ISTA bill this month

Feedback Question for Schooner Cove

Whats up with that If I didn't look online I wouldn't have know about the bill!!...

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Water Bill Posting

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

Why can't our water bills be posted, at least, two weeks in advance of the due date, instead of five days, as is the case for May, 2010? I was ready to pay last week, along with all my other bills, but the amount wasn't posted yet, even though I had already received the post card statement of the amount owed. Thank you for your time and consideration...

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Change machine?

Feedback Question for Spruce Knob

I understand that the laundry machines are owned by an outside company, however if we are required to pay $1.50 for a washer and $1.25 for a dryer, all in quarters, it continues to amaze me that there is nowhere to get change in the community. The Coke machine, which I used a couple of times for change, does not give change anymore, and I have lost about $4 trying to get change from it so I can wash my clothes. I'm surprised that no one has brought this up before - does everyone always have 11 quarters on hand? Maybe getting a change machine is more difficult than I imagine, but at least...

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Pool is Closed

Feedback Question for Riva

Why on a hot day like today would the pool be closed, and why would we do it with NO notice to the community??

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Harbor Beach are no taking seriously complaints about maintenance

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

I am so disagrement with the management in the complex I have been reporting problem with my toilet about 6 week ago and every time that I stop there the manager only said I am sorry I will take care of the i still waiting for. is that posible that every 1st of the month I can go there and said I am sorry I promise pay tomorrow?.....I am so tired of it...and do not said sorry againg just do your job beacuse I am doing mine paing on tie every month..

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Racquetball Court

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

When are we going to be able to have access to the racquetball court? I've been here since November and still haven't been able to use it. Since I'm recovering from a stroke a little over a year ago, the fitness amenities were a big draw for me to come to Harbor Beach as well as the location. It saddens me, as well as irritates me that I have to pay for something that I cannot use...