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Laundry Card

Feedback Question for Riva

Is there anyway I can get a new laundry card today? I work during your office hours and I desperately need a new laundry card to do laundry on the weekend. Also, having no weekend office hours is particularly hard for people who work M-F.

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11/1/2019 Utility Billing (RUBS) Utility Billing - NWP 5.00

Feedback Question for Golfside Lake

In the lease I was only paying 929.00 and this $5.00 is not to be included. can this be removed or explain. thanks Chris Fernandez

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Feedback Question for Bellagio

Hola me pueden dar una llamada por favor al 4078206831 o al 845 7011783 respecto a mi renta gracias

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The "Gym"

Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

I go to the gym and I see its not quite a gym. I don't understand how Mckinley is a big company, people are paying their rent and we get a small gym. A gym that doesn't have everything and too small. I came here to live here and one of amenities that I was so happy to see here is a gym. This gym doesn't even have a bench. Whats up with that? You guys are not helping the community as much as you guys should. Their are kids who are in sport academics and weightlifting or lifting weights is required. Their are people who wants to get lean and build muscle or get into muscle...

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Feedback Question for The Ponds

Is there a way to be transfered my apartment is clean, I always have problems with thieves when I'm at work. I need to start over if possible.....

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Feedback Question for Westwood Suites

Good morning, please evaluate placing in the complex near building 6801 an area with outdoor grill, as there is none.

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Feedback Question for Traver Crossing

Would it be possible to get compost bins for our community?

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Question about Trick or Treating

Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

Do the kids here at Aspen Chase trick or treat in the complex?

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Lease and Credit Report

Feedback Question for Monterey Lake

When I signed up it asked me if I wanted to report my rent payments to credit company’s ? I checked yes but I haven’t seen anything on my credit reports .. How does this work

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Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

Just wondering if the kids in the community trick or treat here on Halloween?