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Feedback Question for Aria Beach

Hello, can you tell me if you received my package at the front desk today. Here is my tracking number: Service: USPS Priority Mail Tracking #: 9405511699000505222382 My email says it was delivered at: 2:30 PM Delivered, Front Desk/Reception/Mail Room. Please confirm. Thank you. VP

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Feedback Question for Bella Vita

Good Morning, Just paid the rent, it gave me confirmations but I do not seeing the payments.

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My McKinley App

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Can you make the website an app with all the same feature. I think it would be super convenient and a great tool.

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Feedback Question for The Ponds

Hi, I received a letter stating that my name is being moved up on the list for 1 bed room and I have 30 day to move. I was told the office will contact me. I would like to know where my new location is and maybe see a one bedroom so I will know ahead of time what I need to get rid of in my house. My house now is set up for 2 bedroom. Can someone please contact me with my new location. I hate last minute issues. Thank you.

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Billing Fee

Feedback Question for Indigo Winter Park

I had originally put my rent in for the month of October around September 7th or 8th. Around the 12th of September, I recieved a statement saying that I still owed about three dollars because of a billing fee. Why am I getting charged a billing fee when I put in my rent the exact same as the last few months, which is through the ACH option, and I am not supposed to be recieveing this fee?

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Feedback Question for The Villas

Has the heat been turned on yet? because it's been freezing in my apartment...

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Feedback Question for The Parks


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For Sale

Feedback Question for Parkland Flats

Hi, I just moved in and today I saw that there is a for sale sign. May I ask what this means for the residents? Thank you.

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Request Building 4641 Apartament 11108

Feedback Question for Studio Parc

Hello good afternoon, i made a request a few days ago to the maintenance departament, i would like to know, when do you think is going to be possible for them to fix the issues inside my apartament. thank you.

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¿Amalfi es una comunidad libre de humo?

Feedback Question for Amalfi Apartments Homes

No lo creo, tengo olores de cigarrillos y marihuana en mi apto. y yo no fumo, aparte tengo un menor de edad y le está afectando ese olor. Por favor Amalfi ataquen este gran problema y hagan cumplir las reglas y el contrato.