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Gym is Closed

Feedback Question for Bella Vita

Does someone knows why is the gym closed today? is Saturday at 6pm

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Getting a package

Feedback Question for Aspen Chase

Is there any way I can pick up a package outside of the office hours?

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email notices

Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

Can you send the email notices regarding events, maintenance, stuff like that to my son, Cody Wallace, who is actually living in 2908? I am co-signed on the apartment, but I'm in Utah. Sometimes I don't see them in time. Cody's email is retack0@hotmail.com You can either take me off the email list, or add him as well. Thank you!...

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Feedback Question for Riva

Im just checking in on bldg 4785, I heard smoke alarm for about an hour and smelled fire coming from a neighbor downstairs this morning but I had to leave for work shortly afterwards. Ive called the office several times to check on it but no answer.

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Police chase

Feedback Question for Riva

Anyone know why the helicopter and police are running around under our balconies and in the trees right now. A few weeks ago I was scared because we heard gunshots in the woods and I reported it. Now there seems to be a full manhunt for someone. And all it says in police website is a car break in. This isn’t because a car was broken into. What’s going on? Should we feel safe?

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Feedback Question for Bayshore Flats

Did anyone lose a black and white cat? On the chunkier side? Got home around 12am tonight and found a very sweet cat by the pool

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Water PFA issues in Ann Arbor

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Hi, It would be great if you can talk about Gencoe's awareness on the degrading PFA levels in Ann Arbor area water. Is Glencoe doing something to mitigate this issue? OR is it upto the renters to find a solution? Is there a filtration system in each building? It would be great if there were a filtration system on every building. Here is the link for the latest news on water: https://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbor/2019/12/latest-look-at-pfas-levels-in-ann-arbor-drinking-water.html...

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My Packages

Feedback Question for Bella Capri

Can someone please reach out to me ... I have had a few packages missing so far, I have had 1 saying that it's in the office and I've also had a neighbors package placed in my mailbox which I gave to them. I am not sure what's going on but I need to know if any of my packages bare in the office and due to the lack of time the office is open and not being able to get home in time if you can confirm what is in there so I know what to do with the delivery services for this point. Thank you!!!!!...

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Laundry room

Feedback Question for The Springs

Is it open 24 hours or what the time it open and close ,

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Change of income

Feedback Question for The Ponds

How do I report change in income