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Parking is scarce

Feedback Question for Manchester Flats

Its a shame that we barely have enough parking, not to mention the yoga studio visitors that always find their way into our parking spaces. But now, the Norman Pl parking, the lot with arguably the highest utility, most traffic, is used as storage (for a motorcycle). The cherry on top: the moped that takes an entire parking space. We barely have enough parking as it is. The parking spaces, designed for a standard sized car, are underutilized by these smaller vehicles/motorcycle storage units. Is there anyway we could designate parking for those small-mobiles and storage spaces so that we can...

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Dryers in 2825

Feedback Question for The Villas

Estimated date that the dryers in the building will be fixed?

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Security #

Feedback Question for The Villas

Can the phone # for security be added somewhere easy to find on the site? There isn’t a search function to help locate it in previous posts, and I needed it a couple days ago and couldn’t quickly locate it so I had to call after hours maintenance so they could call security.

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Broken lightbulb

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

Can someone come fix my broken lightbulb from my building upstairs. It needs a new bulb, it is very dark outside at night.

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Feedback Question for Aria Beach

Are the ellipticals and bike in the gym going to be fixed or replaced anytime soon?

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Purificador de Água eSpring

Feedback Question for Palio

eSpring. A marca Nª 1 de sistemas de tratamento de água para hogar, com mais de um nível mundial. Cuidamos tu Salud O eSpring reduz mais de 140 contaminantes potencialmente perigosos para a área de filtração, eliminando os minerais benéficos para o organismo como o Mg, Cal e F. Sua luz ultravioleta destrói os 99,9% dos microorganismos, como bactérias e vírus, necessidade de usar produtos químicos adicionais. Este filtro trata de 5000 Lts (1.320 gal) o equivalente a uma família prometida para 6 pessoas. GRÁTIS Instalação e Análise do Água. Pregunta por nuestro sistema de financiamento Para...

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Purificador de Agua eSpring

Feedback Question for Palio

eSpring. Es la marca Nª 1 de sistemas de tratamiento de agua para el hogar, con mayores ventas a nivel mundial. Cuidamos tu Salud eSpring reduce más de 140 contaminantes potenciales para la salud a través de su sistema de filtración, sin eliminar los minerales beneficiosos para el organismo como el Mg, Cal y F. Su luz ultravioleta destruye el 99,9% de los microorganismos, como bacterias y virus , sin necesidad de usar químicos adicionales. Este filtro trata hasta 5000 Lts (1,320 Gal) el equivalente a una familia promedio de 6 personas. GRATIS Instalación & Análisis del Agua. Pregunta por...

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Feedback Question for The Ponds

So to my understanding we don’t control our heat, but I was told once the temps hit the 40’s it’ll click on. But here it is been in the 40’s the past couple of nights and still no heat. At this point should I invest in space heaters??

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Lost wallet

Feedback Question for Bella Capri

Anyone find brown wallet please. Thank u

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Storm Water

Feedback Question for Aria Beach

What exactly is this? Asking for myself and OUC because OUC has no clue what this storm water fee is that you are charging. Please advise.