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Broken Fence/ Security

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

I was just wondering when the fence between Conway Forest Apartments and the neighboring apartment complex is going to be fixed? This morning I saw people coming and going through the broken fence from that complex into our parking lot with suitcases. It has become a daily occurrence and especially at night it is used for people to go between complexes. Also there is so much shady activity that is going on at night. Yes before anyone suggests, police have been called (non emergency). Why cant this complex invest in night time security (a security company) the complex doesn't want to have...

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What do I need to do on my end approaching the end of my lease.

Feedback Question for Indigo Winter Park

What are the steps i need to follow approaching the end of my lease. What is the move out process? Do i need to give a 30 day notice before i plan to move out or what?

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Meeting request with Frances Ruiz

Feedback Question for Bellagio

Good Morning Frances, I was wondering if you have any time this Friday, Feb 14th. I just need 10 minutes tops. Please let me know or I can go to Karen she may be able to help. Thank you. Jackie Ruiz 3334 S Semoran Blvd apt 7's picture

New Parking Stickers

Feedback Question for Bellagio

I have an old sticker for my work truck and need a sticker for a new car that I have now drive as well. Typically i'll have one of those vehicles at my work location but there are times when I might need to park my work truck at the apartment. Here are the vehicles info, please let me know when i can pick up the stickers. 2019 Nissan Rogue Gray Tag - NHXF45 2012 Toyota Tundra Tag - IB19NT Thanks Jeff White...

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Lights at the spa

Feedback Question for Studio Parc

The night at the SPA is very dark, it could have some lights.

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Lost puppy

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

I’m trying to see if anybody has seen my dog. I put her in her cage outside on the porch while I was taking a shower and when I came out she was gone. I don’t know if she got out or if somebody came on my porch and took her but she is a 10 week old gray puppy wearing a gray and pink collar I would like her returned to me as soon as possible please if anybody has found her or knows where she might be. I am in building 1667

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Mobile Detailing

Feedback Question for Aria Beach

I noticed a white minivan near the exit only gate that has mobile detailing on the van, but no contact information. I'd like to contact you for a quote. Thanks. Karen...

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Visitor entry

Feedback Question for Aria Beach

Does anyone know how to let guest in the gate after they call ur cell phone??

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Wall Material Inquiry

Feedback Question for Meadowbrook Village

Hello, I had been thinking about putting our TV on the wall using a wall mount, but I am wondering if it will be able to stay safely...I am not sure what the wall is made of - if it is only drywall then its not ok, but if it has wood or studs behind it then it is ok! If somebody could come by and inspect the wall for us to see if it is something that we can work with for our TV i would really appreciate it! It is the wall behind where the TV is now above the fireplace area. Let me know if this is possible! Thank you! Allison Conway, Apartment 1380 248-420-4054

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Rosaline Judge

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

I have never received a mail box key , or a gym key. Can someone pick this up for me? The person I will send is Austin Hile. Please let me know. You can reach me @ 813-443-1658. Thanks