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Service Request

Feedback Question for Bella Capri

Hello, are service request ONLY being rendered when the office is open??? I placed a request in about 1 week ago but no word if any will be done. Please look at the request and reach out to the name and # on the service request. Thank you.

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High utility Bills at 1974 apt 107 Traver crossing

Feedback Question for Traver Crossing

I just moved in Traver crossing apartments on 11 Jan and my utility bills are shown as 70$. I don't have this much usage in such a less time. Also the old resident have utilities on average as 40-45$ that is admissible but this high utility bills are not admissible. Please let me know why is it so?...

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Utility Check

Feedback Question for The Ponds

Good morning I Was Trying To See When Will I Get My Utility check?? it’s Almost The End Of The Month And It’s Still Not Here

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Can someone from the office please bring me my amazon package?

Feedback Question for Indigo Winter Park

Is it possible for someone to bring me my amazon package? please I really need it. I'm in my apartment doing an important thing for class that I can't really get away from...

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Water Bill

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

Can you please explain the fluctuation in the monthly water bills? I’ve gone from $97 to $151 to $80. I can’t make sense of it being such a change every single month. My water usage does not varying that much. Thanks!

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Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

Someone left a load of laundry sitting on the table in the room by the gym. In case you forgot you were doing laundry, it’s sitting out, waiting for you.

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Feedback Question for The Ponds

Where do they tow your car to

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lease violations

Feedback Question for The Ponds

I have received a few letters on my mailbox about lease violations and I have called at least 3 or 4 times and emailed once to discuss these and I have not gotten a reply. Please reach out as this is time sensitive.

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Graffiti on Manchester Flats property

Feedback Question for Manchester Flats

Does anyone know when the plan is to remove the graffiti at the East-most front entrance on Stadium? It's been there for a little while at this point...

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Police Cars

Feedback Question for Manhattan Flats

Does anyone know why there were four police cars outside of the complex for a few hours this afternoon?