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Feedback Question for The Ponds

Hi I payed my rent and the remaining balance I didn't get an emai that I payed on line...

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Sirens Chirping

Feedback Question for Bayshore Flats

Is anyone else in the front of the complex hearing that constant alarm wavering chirping sound going on and off all day and night? My boyfriend and I can’t find the source of the sound and it’s very annoying.

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Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

What is the numbet for security? My neighbors above me have their music blasting so loud it sounds like the club. They have no respect & they hang out their sliding door to smoke.

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Feedback Question for Manhattan Flats

Is someone missing a gray cat? There is one in the building facing kennedy trying to find it's way back home...

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Feedback Question for Manchester Flats

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Smoke / Marijuana On Patio

Feedback Question for Conway Forest

I would like to know if marijuana smoking rules IN FLORIDA including on the balconies are allowed at Conway Forest. Passing shame with visitors who frequent the condominium.

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Utilities get more expensive every month

Feedback Question for Manhattan Flats

Hello! I don’t know what’s happening, but I’m living here since July and every month after that, I’ve been paying over $100 on utilities only. I live alone and it’s suppose to be $1099 and with utilities, it’s over $1,213. It’s way to much. Also, I’ve try to contact management for my noisy upstairs neighbors, and nothing has happened. They still bother every day and specially every night. They don’t let me sleep. Thanks

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$10 charges?

Feedback Question for Riva

I've been charged $10 from my bank account twice now by Riva. What is this charge for?...

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when will the laundry be working?

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

the laundry room near 1830 will be working anytime soon?

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Laundry room

Feedback Question for Celano Apartments

I’ve forgotten the code for the laundry room. What is it?