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Feedback Question for Indigo Winter Park

Is there an AC problem? Mine won't cool down. I had it set to 65 but it was reading 80. It was so hot. I even turned it down to 50 because I thought maybe it would cool down but it still won't get cool in my apartment. It is continuously raising in temperature and even running a fan isn't helping...

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Washer cannot be paid with PayRange

Feedback Question for Traver Ridge

It turns out to be "No PayRange enabled machines found in Bluetooth range" and there is no QR code on the panel. How can we use PayRange with our phones? No one wants to go to the bank to get many coins every time before using the washers...

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Community Compost Pit

Feedback Question for Golfside Lake

We were wondering if the community could start a compost pit where residents could bury their compost. Composting is a good idea because the food waste can go towards fertilizing the soil. In the landfill it produces more greenhouse gases than it would if buried. Encouraging composting could also decrease the amount the community has to pay for garbage pickup.

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Lease info

Feedback Question for Amalfi Apartments Homes

Can you please send me a dollar amount if I were to break my lease Nov 2019

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Glencoe Trail / Fountain

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Many residents enjoy the trail around the pond. The sign says it is maintained for several months out of the year. I feel it may need some attention as there are some washed out areas and ruts as well as low hanging branches. Also, is the fountain no more?

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Missing Package

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Hi neighbors, I was supposed to have a packaged with a book for school delivered last Monday (8/12) but it never showed up, and the office doesn't have it. If by chance it got delivered to the wrong building and is sitting down by the mailboxes I would greatly appreciate it if someone could drop it off at the office for me. Thanks, Brooke S. 2120 Apt.12...

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Hornet Nest

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

There is a hornet nest in a bush at the northeast corner of 2277. It is in the bush closest to the sidewalk and is easily visible. Could we please have this removed?

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Feedback Question for Hillcrest Manor

Is the pool open?

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Rent payments

Feedback Question for The Ponds

Am I able to break my rent payments into 4 payments per month. For example I get paid every Friday so can I make a partial payment for rent each week?

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Package delivered to wrong apartment

Feedback Question for Schooner Cove

Hello - A package addressed to me was delivered to a building other than mine. Could you please help me retrieve it? Correct building: 8621, but delivered/addressed to 8691. My name is stated on the package.