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Feedback Question for Harbor Beach

My Lease Will Be Up Soon, Im just curious about what the terms may be If I were to leave early or break my lease?

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Missing package

Feedback Question for Traver Ridge

I seem to be missing another package that was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Has anyone else had problems with their mail not being delivered or being delivered to the wrong address? Twice now USPS has left a package at my next door neighbor's door as well...

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Salt for the Sidewalks

Feedback Question for Manchester Flats

Is there a way that we can get buckets of salt to keep next to the front door of all of the buildings? Today the sidewalks were unreasonably unsafe. I saw 2 people fall outside my window within half an hour. This would temporarily fix the sidewalks while we wait 2 hours for another company to come to salt them. Also, there is so much ice on the parking spots. I understand that it is hard to clean them while there are cars parked there, but even salting between the cars would be very helpful and so doable. Thanks!

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Feedback Question for Bella Capri

Are we allowed to change carpet flooring to tile flooring? Or can that violate our lease agreement?

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Radon level

Feedback Question for Traver Ridge

I was wondering if you can let us know when the most recent radon level test was performed at the Traver Ridge community and what the results showed? Thank you.

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Women’s Sauna

Feedback Question for Roundtree

Hi! I was just wondering if there was any update on the women’s sauna being fixed at Roundtree? I see that there was a post about it in January but it was still broken when I attempted to use it last night. Thank you!

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Water and Sewer, Carport renovations

Feedback Question for Sapphire Winter Park

Good evening. I recall that we were expecting an announcement to update us on the water bill. Can we expect this announcement soon? Additionally, I saw the announcement regarding the carport renovations. I was just curious as to whether the general look to the carports themselves will be the same (like replacing some of the damaged metal, repainting scraped parts) or if it's a complete redo of the spots...

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lost car keys

Feedback Question for Traver Ridge

If anyone finds Honda keys with a black pug keyring attached to it, please let me know. We lost it yesterday.

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Trouble with Internet in Fitness Center

Feedback Question for Golfside Lake

Does anyone else have trouble connecting the the wifi in the fitness center? My phone (iPhone 6) hasn't ever been able to connect...

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to Mary Beth .

Feedback Question for Bellagio

would like to come into the office to speak with you. I have been to the office. a few times but you were busy or out on the property. I have been sick for a while so I been in and out of the hospital as an outpatient. please call me so I can come to speak with you. I came by this morning but the office doesn't open till 10:00 am. you have my number on file. thank you . jose colon 310/12...