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Amy Kendall

Feedback Problem for The Gates and Manor

My son's account was charged a $65 late fee because our Auto Pay was rejected due to the added water bill. I have paid the $867.98 to update his rent fee and water bill, but would like the late fee reversed. We have multiple issues since he has moved into the Gates and Manor including an apartment that was never cleaned upon move-in, a promised covered parking spot, etc. Your consideration is appreciated...

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Feedback Problem for The Gates and Manor

My key to scan into the apartment is not working, I just got back from winter break and I am very frustrated considering it won't scan and I'm unable to get into my aparment. Plus it has worked every time until now...

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Smoke Alarm LOUD alarm going OFF again lasy night !!!!

Feedback Problem for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

PLEASE...A VERY LOUD BEEP WENT OFF SEVERAL TIMES (AGAIN) in our apartment last night from the smoke alarm. Nothing was being cooked and it was 3am !!! A maintenance person came by 3 days ago and replaced some batteries, but something is STILL NOT RIGHT. Please come today and fix so we are not harshly woken up again tonight by this obnoxious sound. Thank you.

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You just can't keep anything nice around here

Feedback Problem for

1. The laundry-room door on building 14 has been the target of the sort of people we don't need in this community for quite some time now. The original handle has been broken off more than once, and recently, the maintenance folks screwed in a regular round doorknob... which has now also been ripped off the door. It never fails that someone in this zoo will show disrespect to someone else's stuff. But that's a community issue. (And, oh, yeah, two dryers aren't working at all.) I don't think these are issues at the other laundry rooms, just this one, since the others...

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extra expense???

Feedback Problem for The Tower

I'm confused on the additional charges for cable and water when our consumers bill was $300 this month and i was under the impression water was rolled into that? (0% chance our lights racked up a $300 bill) and the cable in my apt isn't even functional and we've been waiting on maintenance for that since we moved in...

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Water Payment

Feedback Problem for The Tower

Management, can we PLEASE get a heads up for when we're going to get hit with another change ON TOP of rent and heat/gas?...

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Feedback Problem for Sun Pointe

There is a brown sofa by the dumpster which been there for a long time now. When will someone put it in the dumpster so it can be gone already. I called the office to complain and it's still there...

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Feedback Problem for

How is it possible for 2 people in town home to have 103 on utility..? Seems way too high. Merry Christmas!

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Water Bill

Feedback Problem for The Tower

We wanted to reach out about our water bill. It is currently listed at $162, so we're wondering which months it covers, and we'd like a break down for each month. I understand that the change in management has likely changed how this bill is listed, but this value seems quite exorbitant even if it is meant to cover the last few months. At this point, we want to review that information even just for our own records and to get a better understanding of what exactly this covers. Also - is there a way to contact the office privately? I can't find a general email anywhere...

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Feedback Problem for

There is currently a group of people setting off huge fireworks into the air, behind building H and in front of the dumpsters. I was out walking my dog and one was set off about 20 feet from him, and he was so scared that he almost pulled away from me. I’m pretty sure this isn’t allowed. In the future, an announcement about this would be nice to avoid future issues. This is very disrespectful and dangerous to other residents, their pets, and cars.