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Major damage to my car

Feedback Problem for

Last night, (Thursday) sometime after 5:30 pm someone dropped a VERY heavy object on my car and there is significant damage. I also noticed a large gash in the concrete overhang directly above my car. I was parked by the elevator of building 6742. Sadly, no note was left on my car. I am dismayed that a resident would do such damage and not own up to it. The car is a white Mercedes. Anyone with knowledge of what occurred, please let me or the Sailpointe office know. Looks like a large appliance, piece of furniture or even a paddleboard or kayak might have been dropped. thanks.

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No notice prior to AC cover installation

Feedback Problem for The Tower

I had not revived any prior notice about maintenance coming around other than the email management sent out at 3:10 which does no good when maintenance just knocks on the door twice and enters anyways at 3 when I’m trying to relax. This is not OK.

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Lots of issues!!!

Feedback Problem for

So many issues!!!! URGH!!!!! BEFORE YOU MOVE! Even if you pay money up front to reserve an apartment, they may give you a different apartment- they won't tell you until very late. They did that twice to me. They said they forgot to tell me that it may happen. I had an old dog and I explicitly told them that I didn't want stairs because my dog couldn't climb them. The only apt available had stairs, I had to put her bed downstairs. She hated it. The worst part is that she died in December- thinking probably that I loved her less. BILLING PROBLEMS. Lots of billing problems, of...

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Notification Of Packages

Feedback Problem for The Gates and Manor

It would be really helpful if we could receive notifications when our packages are delivered to the office so that we can pick them up.

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Someone/group broke in to my car.

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I was about to go out and that’s when I found out that someone broke into my car. Nothing was stolen expect from my rosary beads. Even though nothing valuable was stolen, my car was a mass when I found it. They emptied my glove box and etc. There’s no damage to my vehicle, however I don’t feel safe after after knowing that someone I dont know sat in my car and sneaking around for valuables stuff. I really hope The Court increase the security for the safety of everyone. I don’t want this happen to anyone.

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Feedback Problem for

Hello. I just want to let everyone know of a possible hazard. Back in October I took a nasty fall over a parking stopper. It is placed over a spot that is yellowed out for no parking. Just an FYI so know one else trips over it. It's on the right side parking area a little past the dog park...

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Dog poop in east stairs

Feedback Problem for The Gates and Manor

The stairs attached to the back of the covered lot in the East building are smeared with dog poop. It smells horrible and is hard to avoid stepping on. Please resolve asap.

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Dog Grooming

Feedback Problem for

So apparently someone thought that it was a good idea to groom their large tan colored dog in the courtyard (that we all share) grass area. Once they were done, they also thought that it was a good idea to just leave it there and not bother cleaning it up. Now what people do inside of their apartments is their own business but in spaces that we all have to share that is just beyond inconsiderate. I take pride in where I live and like to keep it looking nice, but I guess that person doesn’t. Management really needs to address this because this is not the first time I’ve found large clumps of...

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Feedback Problem for The Gates and Manor

I recently just came back from break and when turning on my tv I realized that I was missing channels. I rescanned my tv as well as unplugging and replugging in my tv but that didn’t seem to help. I would appreciate if this problem was fixed since we are paying for this service. Thank you.

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$500 Visa Gift Card

Feedback Problem for The Gates and Manor

Hello, I was promised a $500 gift card upon move in and have been trying to receive it since September. Along with other promises that I was not granted, I am hopeful that you guys will actually come through with this. I have the email showing I was promised this gift card and it was part of the reason I signed the lease. It would be much appreciated if you guys could get this done for me. Everyone I talk to says I have to talk to someone else, or that ownership has to approve it, but that doesn’t make sense as others have received theirs and management ran the promo. I was also promised...