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My rent

Feedback Problem for The Courts

I have not payed my rent for Dec yet. My room mate is having problems with his bank account being hacked. There is now a new bank acct for him. I received s letter of intent of eviction if no payment Is received. I want you to know that I will be paying my rent in full by Friday 12/14/18. Please don't start any type of eviction. This problem will be resolved by the end of this week. I also currently don't have a working phone for you to call. I can be reached through email at Thank you for your consideration ...

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Dog poop

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

My niece works for an apartment complex that takes dna samples from the dogs that live there. Maybe this could be a practice here soon? Then there wouldn’t be poop on sidewalk and grass. Just a suggestion. Ty

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Issues with Tenants? Non tenants?

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

So I’ve complained about this three times now. But now, yet again, some person in this complex was drunk and possibly off their meds. Now usually the instances I’ve dealt with them they’ve been relatively harmless but annoying. Last night some drunk person who also claimed to be off their psychotics and claims they live in the complex tried to force his way in my apartment last night. Not only did it take the cops 40 minutes to get here but I was home alone with a crazy dude trying to break down my door. Get your security under check. Install cameras. Do a better screening process. My friend...

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Problema con el Pago de la Renta por la Pagina

Feedback Problem for Palio

El día 11/30/2018 efectué el pago de la renta indicado en esta pagina, ese día el Balance quedo en $0.00 después de efectuar mi pago, sin embargo posteriormente el 12/03/2018 me efectuaron un cargo (Late Fee) de $100. No entiendo la causa de este cobro ya que el sistema automáticamente te indica la cantidad a pagar. Si esta quedando alguna diferencia a pagar el sistema lo debería informar al momento. Por lo visto los Charges y Credits no los esta registrando el sistema en el momento correspondiente. Incluso el monto indicado en el Bill que se entrega por correspondencia física no concuerda...

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Feedback Problem for The Ponds

I sumbitted a maintenance request on 11/5/2018 with several issues on there and not one of them has been resolved. I have called and left voicemails, I even came up there and spoke with someone, adding new issues, and nothing still got taken care of. I've been listening to this smoke detector beep for over a month now. Isn't that a HUD complaince issue? My heat has been turned up to 90°, yet we can't get it to go over 70°, WE ARE COLD!!! The gap in my front door causing a huge draft on the living room, which is also a safety issue was supposed to be taken care of last year! My...

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Parking at Beach Flats

Feedback Problem for Beach Flats

It would be nice if the parking rules were enforced. I had to leave at 8 am but was unable to do so because of a Grey Toyota 4Runner parked illegally, blocking my ability to back out of my parking space. Do you work with a particular towing company? If so, residents should have the ability to have cars towed that are parked illegally. I'm not talking about people parking without parking passes; I'm talking about disrespectful people that park 2 feet behind your car...

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Sofa by dumpster

Feedback Problem for Sailpointe

Someone decided to purchase a new sofa, had it delivered and leave the unsightly old one in front of the dumpster for the rest of us to look at and be in the way all weekend! Very inconsiderate resident that should have more pride in where they live!

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Parking Issues

Feedback Problem for The Courts

I don't know if this is possible, but the parking issue I feel gets worse and worse. There should be a way to have designated parking for guests and passes for people that live here. The most annoying and inconsiderate thing is to try and come back here and there are random cars parked in parking spots right in front of my home. Again I more concerned with having to park somewhere else in the cold and walk while having to carry a 2 year old in the cold. This is very unacceptable...

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Emergency Repair

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

I called twice from 4:30 to 5:00 pm today Friday Dec.7, 2018. No response. My kitchen sink is leaking water. Please respond. Thank you. K Curren 10-32

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No water

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

No water at 2104 Glencoe hills