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Peeing in stairwell

Feedback Problem for Bellagio

Whoever urinates in the stairwell of bldg 3336 between apartemnts 7 and 9 please stop no one wants to smell your piss first thing in the morning or ever for that matter. Jesus this shouldnt even be a thing stop being animals

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Parking spaces

Feedback Problem for Portofino

We already have zero spots to park especially if you come home late... yet you allowed the lawn service to take up almost 6 or 7 spots for their mess. That’s not only wrong but inconsiderate without any warnings or anything. Completely disrespectful to your community.

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Water Shut-off at 2136?

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Hey y'all, sometime today(11/17) the water got shut off unannounced in building 2136, and it just came back on around 5:30. What's up with that? Was it an isolated issue to just my apartment? Thanks!...

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Feedback Problem for The Villas

The people who live above us have to be the loudest people in the world. 24 hours a day it sounds like elephants stomping on our ceiling. It goes on all hours of the night while we are trying to sleep, wakes us up early in the morning, and goes on all day long! They are also constantly throwing furniture off their balcony and almost hitting our patio and just leaving things there! This is getting ridiculous. -Laura

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Gates.. why bother????

Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

Your malfunctioning gate almost hit my car. Just leave it open. Stop fooling yourself. Gate DO NOT work. I would hate to interrupt your time consuming projects to repair my car.

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No key received for new door

Feedback Problem for Medical Center Court

Hi! I have not yet received a key for the new door on 1139. Would you mind sliding one under the door or leaving it in my mailbox? Thanks, Erin

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please remove the washer and dryer

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

Im in building 1675 . not sure if u can access my info but is extremely difficult to get a hold of the office via phone. so this is my way reaching out. moved in Sep 19th and its already mid november. have never been able to use the washer. 3 times my “washer has been fixed” still not working after who ever came to “fix it” wrote on the slip they left here “working in all cycles” . now for a 3 times im sitting here at 9:45 pm with a washer full of clothes soaked and with detergent and ofcourse its saturday night and i cant do nothing about it ofcourse cause not open till monday. for a 3rd...

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Smell of cigarettes/weed inside the building 2119

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

This is the third time I've raised the issue of smoking inside and outside of Building 2119. For several days in a row, the first floor has been showing a persistent smell of cigarette or marijuana smoke. When will there finally be any action to solve this problem? Moreover, now this smoke in the heating system, and when the heating is switched on, the apartment begins to smell strongly of this smoke. Solve the problem or move us into a building where there is no smoke! We are tired of breathing this cigarette/marijuana smoke!...

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Extremely annoying noise

Feedback Problem for Amalfi Apartments Homes

Good afternoon! I have a serious problem that doesn't let me sleep or rest! Every day at 3:15 a.m., the neighbor on the top floor makes a lot of very annoying noises and his steps are extremely loud. Sometimes I think they jog and jump to the ground. Other times I think there is an army squad in that department! I have more than a month with this nightmare! And those noises are at dawn. In the morning. In the evenings. and at night What solution can you advise me? I've been here for almost three years and this had never happened to me! I'm really not resting, those noises are...

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Looking for a little Help

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Hi neighbors, I am looking for someone who won't find this silly, but I will pay $15 a month if someone could take my garbage to the dumpster once a week, my back is bad and I have some issues with balance that really doesn't care for ice and snow. If you can and don't mind we can start the first week of December, it would only last through the winter and I would pay entire $15 that first week. Email me at kimberlyelsifor@gmail.com if you are interested...