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Lost Cat!

Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

Hello! I recently moved into 8633 Spinnaker Way. My cat got out and has been missing for several days. He is an orange cat and is about 12 lbs. his name is Kile. He is very friendly and we miss him terribly. If anyone sees him please let me know. Thanks!'s picture

Packages Stolen

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

I have had two packages stolen from my door in the last week. There has been an issue with this with other residents and I don't think it was ever addressed or anything was done about it...

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Feedback Problem for Schoolhouse Flats

I spoke with someone in the Palma Ceia office on Tuesday about the grills at Schoolhouse flats and the gas tanks had been empty since last week. I went to grill this afternoon and they were still unfilled. Is there any way that these could be filled as soon as possible? Thank you

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Neighbor fighting

Feedback Problem for Indigo Winter Park

Please someone has to do something. People in apt 2833 fight days and nights. This makes too much noises to the point where staying in my apt is scary. If they are not puching into the walls, they are throwing heavy stuff on the floor and so on. Someone has to talk to them. I am scared of the safety of my two children. They are fighting as im writing this message.

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Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

Hola te habla Glarielys del Apt 2198. Ayer en la tarde a la parte de atrás por el apartamento un tipo estaba haciendo cosas indebidas. Tenía su parte por fuera y tocándose, era fuera del complejo pero me asustó mucho me gustaría si es posible comunicárselo a los residentes para que cuiden sus niñas.

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Need someone from corporate to call me

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

Need a representative from your corporate office to call me the beginning of next week.

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Parking permit

Feedback Problem for Studio Parc

I am a tad bit frustrated about this new parking permit, not because it’s a bad idea. I called to let the office know, my moving out date is coming up in early June, my sister will be coming down from college to help me pack & move and staying with me for the 2weeks or so I have left here, she owns a car & I don’t.. so the office is asking me to pay to put her on the lease, so she can have a parking permit ? When I am moving out? Shouldn’t you have a visitors parking permit?! I’ve lived here for years and never gave any problems.. Visitors parking/ residents parking should be better...

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Brooklyn Flats Entrance by Mailbox

Feedback Problem for Brooklyn Flats

Hey guys, the door next to the mailboxes has been broken for months. There's not even a handle and is extremely heavy. Can someone please fix this...?...

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(Urgent) Problem with my AC.

Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

Today, you guys came today to fix a leak that apparently has my down neighbor. You did somerhing to my AC and know is not working! I got since 5 pm trying to make it work but it doesn't work, even the AC fan is not working. Im really disappointed that you Never do a test to see if everything is working good. I need that fix it, tomorrow saturday morning...

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unable to pay rent online

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

I have been trying to use this site to pay rent for a few days and its not working