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Smoking, cleanliness, and darkness

Feedback Problem for Park Place

FYI- Smoking is a huge issue in 2084. I don't want to run my air now that the weather is cooler, but I can't keep the windows open with the amount of cigarette smoke that filters into my apartment EVERY DAY. Aren't the units supposed to be smoke free? I hate to be "that neighbor" but I don't smoke. Maybe a letter to tenants? Also, the lights are out in the hallways and the stains and stench from pet urine is pretty bad...especially on the 3rd floor. Lastly, there is an air conditioning unit that's been sitting in the stairwell for 2 months, and there is a...

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Lights out

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

Lights have been out for over a week. Can someone please replace the light bulbs that are currently out. There is a main light post on the corner of Apt 507. Also on the side of building 4 facing parking lot near apartment 412. It is very dark and not safe. Thanks

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Wasp Swarming parking lot

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

There seems to be a wasp nest inside of the dumpster in front of building #15 & #16. It started off with just a few wasps by the dumpster but now They are swarming all over the dumpster and have started to roam all over the parking lot. I have been chased a few times and I fear my kids or someone else to Will get stung. Can someone send an exterminator out to handle this situation? Thanks

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Ridiculous that this has not been addressed yet!

Feedback Problem for Bayshore Flats

Wanna clean up the recycling area at Bayshore Flats anytime soon would be great ? It’s been a mess for like a month ... and the latch is also broken. I’m sure management knows about it since you’ve been here showing the vacant apartments.

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Laundry Machines

Feedback Problem for Manchester Flats

Hi, is there any chance we could get another set of machines for laundry in the building? I don't know if it's just my building (1830), but having only one washer/dryer for the entire building of 13 apartments has caused some logistical problems. This isn't the first time I've had to wait multiple hours to get a load of laundry in, especially when people do load after load (on one memorable occasion, I spent 8 whole hours waiting for the washer)...

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After Hours Maintenance Not Working

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

So we have our bathroom flooded the second time during our stay here. We've been alerting you about a related unresolved issue since a few months. No one cared to fix it. This flood should've been the result of the outstanding issue. Please fix this ASAP. Also, we would appreciate if you have a different unit for us to move into. We don't want to have these issues over and over again. Thank you for your help!...

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After hours maintenance

Feedback Problem for Serena Winter Park

Called the after hours number for maintenance and it disconnects you every time after the beep to leave a message. What good is it if you cant get a hold of anyone. My roof is leaking and I’ve been up all night emptying buckets after my table has already been ruined. Just another problem added to the list of issues at this apartment complex.

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Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

Does any one know if any of the laundry places are working? Room 1 has been broken since who knows when, from the beginning of August and we are now heading into the end of September. And it looks like Sapphire doesn't care or is doing nothing about it because they don't wash there laundry here so it's not inconvenient for them.....? Does anyone know if any of the rooms are working?...

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My toilet and bathtub are clogged and shit is coming out the bathtub’s drain

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

My toilet and bathtub are clogged And the bathtub has shit coming out the drain...

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Disrespectful Neighbors at the pool

Feedback Problem for Riva

"Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night." William Blake Kinda hard to sleep when you have a party by the pool with residents who continue to break the quiet hour rules. As much as I would love to go down there and take matters into my own hands I don't because we live in a society that has rules.. but what good is having these rules if the leasing office doesn't reinforce them? Can somebody please remind me why I pay rent again? I have been living in this complex for about eight years now and have no other problem with management or...