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Loud motorcycle at building 2271

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Could you please address this ongoing problem: a resident in building 2271 who owns an extremely loud motorcycle continually revs the engine late in the evening, many times after midnight or 1am. He will zip around the parking lot with his bike and will rev the engine loudly while talking to other young men, sometimes parking on the sidewalk in front of the building. This needs to be addressed. It is happening daily.

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Trash Mountain

Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

I was wondering why there is no trash compactor today? You think the rats that will be attracted to the mountain of trash that is currently out there will visit any of the units?

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App defective?

Feedback Problem for The Ponds

What is wrong with the maintenance part of the app does not allow me leave feedback does not show any in my history since May 21. I need information on who to call to get this fixed.

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Feedback Problem for Conway Forest


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Increase the utility bill.

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

How can be the 30.00 dollars at 61.00 dollars in water bill, that stole money for people. What I can see this apt don't go to change. I'm no happy. That's why people is leaving...

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Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Large burner on stove does not work. It turns on for a second and then turns off. We tried pulling the burner out and re-inserting but it does not fix it.

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Room Problems

Feedback Problem for Indigo Winter Park

The cabinet next to the fridge is bubbling from a leak, the water isn't in my apart but it's just damaging the inside of the cabinet. I was also supposed to have someone come for maintenance on Monday and no one came. My fridge still smells horribly, in addition to other complaints I have made on the sheet I filled out a few days ago...

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Stove/oven is not working, shower is peeling paint

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

My shower is peeling paint on the floor and walls. I went to clean the shower and sliced my finger on the paint that is chipping. You can tell that it was painted when I moved in, and now after some us it is starting to peel up. Also, my stove works when it wants to. I cant cook when I need to.

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Feedback Problem for Aria Beach

I am not able to complete any actions on my account. Not to mention, I send emails. No answer. I call no answer. OMG.... I have 3 maintenance request that I need to put in ASAP. One is this major ant issue I have on balcony. They have sprayed and sprayed. Maybe a stronger spray is needed???? Because the ants are multiplying. Please fix my account ASAP so I can put in my maintenance request.

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Stop littering

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

Someone has been repeatedly discarding their garbage in the yard behind building 8. From potatoes to moldy oranges, bags of used cat litter, and tonight, corn husks. It’s disrespectful to other tenants and needs to stop. I’m tired of picking up someone else’s trash in order to enjoy my time outside. Grow up.