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The landscaping looks great!! Lots of bark and I appreciate that the crew even cleaned up the edging. Makes me happy to see how pretty my apartment grounds are when I come home from work. I appreciate the extra effort. Thanks!!

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Maitence excellence

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Both Ike and Deano have always done work that has never had to be redone on my apt. They take the time to listen and don't make me feel like im insignificant or ignorant about the few issues I've had...

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Wanted-you-let-you-know-what-a-great-great-maintenance-guy-came-right-over-even-with-the--rain-and-just-how-late-it-was-with-no-complaining,just-trying-too-do-what-he-could,and-was-over-in-the-morning-with-it-up-and-running-before-I-got-up!!! Thanks(definitely-a-keeper-were-lucky-too-have-you-!!!)\ Gregg

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My new floor !!!

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No hay mal que por bien no venga....como dice el dicho....un problema resulto en un beneficio....estoy S U P E R !!! C O N T E N T A !!! con mi nuevo ve excelente....ahora mi sala se ve mucho mas grande...gracias a todos....los de mantenimiento que atendieron con prontitud la situacion del agua....y gracias nuevamente por mi nuevo apartamento...ahora debemos remodelar la cocina..jajajajaj...seria un exito....

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Thank you for extra security

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I'm new to the neighborhood, enjoy meeting my nice neighbors it's good to be around good people. Just want to take a moment to thank you Alex for the extra security over the holiday weekend last week...

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garbage disposal pablo

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thanx for always solving the issues profesionaly and quickly

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Thank You

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I've been calling in multiple times a week for the past 4 weeks trying to get the pet waste in front of my building emptied. It's been full and gross. Yesterday, I was able to speak with a nice person named Alexis though and this morning, sometime before 10:30, it was emptied! Thank you so much. It's really appreciated! All my windows and screen door can finally be opened to enjoy the nice days...

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Great job.

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I just want to give recognition to Harry for doing a great job fixing my drawer in my apartment and saving me from the scorching heat while my AC is down and being fix. Thanks so much

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General Good Service

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I have had only a few issues living here. There is not one thing that hasn't been addressed and or taken care of in a timely manner. I want to take a moment to Praise out PM - Ganiene Grodecki, And Our Senior Leasing Agent Marielis Hernandez.. You 2 are really the best!! I can walk in at any given momet and have a question answered or a solution in place with out hesitation !!! This is my 3rd year here and I just wanted to recognize.. the Office Staff has improved Immensely in this last year!!! And I wanted to Say Thank you for all you do!! L.A 203...

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The Ridgecrest maintenance crew always does an awesome job! l just want to let them know they are truly appreciated. Toni