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Maintenance at Carmel Woods

Feedback Praise for

I have to say that these workers deserve a raise, tips, a pat on the back. They have worked some crazy hard hours this winter. I am very impressed with how well they have kept up with the streets and sidewalks!!!!! Even in the summertime. Our complex is clean and manicured. Proud to call it my home. Thank you!!!!

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Caring Staff

Feedback Praise for Brandywine

I appreciate the concern that was given to me when I gave feedback regarding the ice removal. The personal attention I received was wonderful. Thank you for caring about your residents the way that you do.

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Feedback Praise for Hessel on the Park

Nice job shoveling and keeping the sidewalks clear for the handicapped residents near their homes :)

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Feedback Praise for Brandywine

My wife Paula and I love living in Brandywine.After dealing with HSBC for the last few years it's been nice to be out of that stress level.The fee's they have kinda suck but do remind us to pay on time.Leigh/Brooke has been great to us and the reason we will stay even longer...

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great team

Feedback Praise for

thanks to a great team, Tony, Michelle, Bill and Kelly. We love living here and hope that your new plans for Seaside will promote a feeling of community. Hopefully we can get more residents on

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Above and Beyond

Feedback Praise for

I have had the great pleasure of working with the entire Sun Pointe "family" on one occasion or another. Bonnie, Jared & Cedric have always been friendly, professional, courteous, knowledgable and prompt with their responses, anytime I have had a question or concern. Many times people are quick to complain when they feel they have an issue, but seldom take the time to speak up with positive feed back, therefore, I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" for all you've done to make our stay here "uneventful" which is exactly the way we like it!!!...

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Maintenance Quick Response

Feedback Praise for

I would like to praise the Maintenance Team for their fast response to my maintenance needs. My hot water heater gave out one day and I called and they came within minutes and also repaired my needs on the same day. You can't get any better than that. Thank you Ridgecrest for hiring such a Wonderful Maintenance Team and Continuing to give Great Customer Service as you do. I love where I live in the Ridgecrest Community...

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what a great staff thanks jared

Feedback Praise for Sun Pointe

Thanks for helping me today Jared. I have been so busy at work and the dentist. As far as the issues at the apt would tuesday be better than Monday? I don't mind the wait. I know Carl works hard and I came with a lot today. I know it will be addressed so it is really no bis issue. You and the staff here are great and I you all take pride in your work and keeping your residents happy. With the renewal of my lease coming up there is no doubt I will be staying. Cedrick is always friendly and helpful, Carl well he is in his own catagory so I can't even find the proper word to describe...

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Feedback Praise for

Thanks for removing the sand that had been piling up at the bottom of the steps. Now we just need to have the wall replaced before the whole hill comes down.

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justine- office

Feedback Praise for

thanks for helping me get my guys are sooooo sweet