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Feedback Praise for Bella Cortina

Thanks for the speedy fix to the flood we had in our apartment, it was very quick!!!

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Thank You for Handicap Parking

Feedback Praise for Bella Cortina

I would like t.o give thanks to our community Manager Diana. Her attention to my request for handicap parking is greatly appreciated. The parking was added promptly. That what you call great customer service. Once again thank you Diana for making the handicap parking available.

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Zack is Great

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We just wanted to tell you that Zack is an asset to Sun Pointe Lake. He came by to upgrade our thermostadt yesterday. He knows his stuff, is pleasant and get the job done. Thanks Zack!

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Microwave Door

Feedback Praise for

Repair to our microwave was completed with the usual excellent care and service. As always the staff, in this case Chris, took care of the problem in a fast and professional manner, Thank you.

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Carl - Swifter than an eagle

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I had just logged off my computer, after putting in the maintenance request to check our heat/thermostadt and Carl was at our door! He also explained to us in detail, in simple terms how to work it. He is definitely an asset to McKinley -- great work, upbeat and definitely on the ball -- give him a day off for his terrific work and attitude. Thanks Carl!! Diane & Richard #201/1773

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Your awesome staff!

Feedback Praise for

I want to let you guys know how much I appreciate your immediate response to all concerns and questions. I spoke with Holly earlier today on the phone, and ran into Chad on my way into my building, both of whom were thorough in asking questions and patient in listening to any details. You guys have been great. I also want to thank Jodie for helping with everything when I signed the lease. I haven't met anyone from the maintenance or office staff who's been anything but kind and caring. Thank you for all you do. It doesn't go unnoticed! :)...

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Feedback Praise for Champaign House

Thank you for fixing my water-damaged cabinets and closing up the big opening behind my stove! The young man did an EXCELLENT job. Very professional and cleaned up afterward. (I think his name was Keith) I guess the 18 month wait was worth getting the right man for the job!

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Thank you

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I just wanted to thank Khris and everyone else for their hard work fast response to questions and problems. Whenever I've had a problem it has been taken care of immediately. Thank you!!...

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Feedback Praise for

It was such a wonderful surprise to come home to a freshly washed building. Wanted to say thank you all for a job well done. It really looks wonderful.

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Loving all the great changes happening at Oakwood!

Feedback Praise for Bella Cortina

Being part of something this great means the world.... Thank u for bringing Oakwood back to life.....