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Inefficient A/C Unit

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Dear Leonardo, I can't tell you just how happy and pleased we are with our A/C unit now. The workmen you sent were polite, efficient and knowledgeable. Many thanks to you and your courteous staff for all the help you have been to my wife and I and to all the other tenants of Wellington woods...

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Many thanks for getting the leaky slimey sprinkler water dried up, it appears to have been fixed. That's a big improvement to the safety and look of our area and sidewalk. Much appreciated, as it's hot and strenuous work outside, especially with the all of the tree roots. LMR...

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This is how a great leader does

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This is not the first time I saw Adrienne working around the property and I usually notice her efforts toward gardening and implanting new things every year. However, that was a little different and she is not afraid of doing some hard manual works herself. These are pictures of our property manager showing how she herself put efforts to improve barking park in Nantucket cove apartments. I took pictures form my room with limited perspective.

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Thank You Aleah

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I would like to thank Aleah for all of her very hard work during the past few weeks to turn things around at Savannah. Things are going back to the good ol' days of Fairmont Oaks - a property manager that treats residents with respect and listens to their concerns, a maintenance team that completes projects in a professional and timely manner, and residents being held to a higher standard in terms of complying with leasing terms (i.e. no smoking or drugs, noise levels, etc.) I appreciate that we are receiving timely notices posted on our doors, that hallways and common areas are being...

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Great management & maintenance staff!

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I just wanted to say thank you to the management & staff and the maintenance crew for keeping our community looking nice. I've noticed you working on "the little things" lately. (repainting carports & fire hydrants, straightening up the falling over dog waste station...) They don't seem like much, but they show you care and help keep the place looking nice! Thank you!...

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pedro maintanance

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thank you pedro for being so efficient precise and quick in fixing the issue with my air cond. My b pressure was going up and he saved the day. Pedro you rock! thanx a bunch for fixing it.

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I want to thank Scott and Andy in the office for always getting back to me on any issues I have. Your hard work is really appreciated and doesn't go overlooked. Thanks again...

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Timely repair response

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Thanks so much to all responsible, Lewis, Aleah and especially, Tom for getting my dryer vent reattached at just the right time. I let you know I had been sick and asked could it be done in a few days, and voila, perfect timing. It really helps with the lint/dust, heat and moisture, now that it's fixed. This was no small feat, as the stackable had to be completely moved out of its tight opening, then put back in, after the hose was reattached, all by Tom! He graciously allowed me time to vacuum the resulting buildup of lint. Rare opportunity to get/dust under the washer, etc. I'm so...

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New gym equipment

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The new gym equipment is great, lots more room with new arrangement. And 2 treadmills is super, facing the nice view outdoors, side by side is clever. Liking the free weights and bench setup, too. The manual is a good idea, very helpful, thanks. Its pretty spiffy now!

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Great Team

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I just want to express how happy I am with the management, office ladies and also the maintenance crew you'll are always willing to help n also listen to any concern I have. I truly appreciate everything you'll have done. THANKS AGAIN Keep up the great job you'll doing as a team...