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Good Morning!!!! To All, need to see the light

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Couple of low priority things, My Stairway light is out in front of my door, I do want to see the light lol Second, How do I get rid of a couch, is their a process for Garbage here? Or on my own their? Thanks Scott

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Thank you for being so welcoming and the gifts!

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I know it has been a long time coming with the construction delays, but I wanted to thank you for being so welcoming when I moved in this week! Here's to a great year with you guys! Go Blue!...

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Carter and Linda to the rescue!!

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Thank you Carter and Linda for your very fast, friendly service! You saved the day! My fridge is fixed and we can finally relax! Carter and Linda are both very friendly and nice! I am very pleased with the results!!

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Water issues

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We have had several water issues over the last few days. I want to thank the maintenance guys for fixing everything in a timely manner. They were all very polite and professional.

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Thanks very much. I really feel the difference

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400 Maynard - Branda Vilella Positive Review!

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Branda Vilella at 400 Maynard has been incredibly helpful since I moved in. Her responsiveness has helped me quickly resolve several issues. She has been polite and a pleasure to work with.

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Carter and Tate

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These 2 maintenance guys are one of the best Silver Lake Hills has ever had! I've been here since 2011 and I'm very impressed! They are very concerned about the tenant and willing to answer any concerns that we have...Please McKinley don't lose these 2! Maybe give them some help! Thanks again Carter and Tate.....

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Clear view

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Thank you for cutting the weeds around my patio, I am now able to enjoy the view of the manicured grounds.'s picture


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Honda CRV , made in 2014, bought in dealer on the day of 11-15-2017, blue, 33583 miles(9-5-2018), price:18000 Dollars, Reason: one year visiting scholar is due, going back to my country. Please call or text me:3179932835; e-mail:

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I’ve livec here over 4 years and each time (not many) I’ve had a maintenance issue it was taken care of the same or next day! I appreciate this level of service!