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I'm seeing an huge Improvement in this complex. And Joan is really good about replying back to emails and answering questions...

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Inspeccionar Apartamento Completo

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Solicito que los gabinetes, los sliding door, los receptáculos sean cambiados, una de las bañeras desde que nos mudamos esta rota y verificar el calentador. Todo esto se notifico desde el primer día que nos entregaron el apartamento

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New Maintenance Woman

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Thank You Heidi for sending the New Maintenance Woman to my apartment to fix the items that was in need of fixing. I quote she is awesome and I'm sooooo very blessed you guys have someone on your team that is committed and honest and really cares about the people at the courts. When I came in from work today she did everything she said she would do. I was thinking about moving because the work was not completed. She insured me that she would fix my maintenance issues and she did. I send her allllllll the praise. I cannot Thank her enough for all her hard work. Thanks again, I'm very...

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Feedback Praise for Bella Cortina

just wanted to say thank you to the new maint man who came on board Abdiel. He came in understood the problem with my master bedroom fan. Even with the electricity process he did by changing the motor and the best thing he explained to me the tenant exactly what he was going to. So kudos to abdiel! i still have one issue though the chain on the fan to turn the light on and off is to short. Can you guys help me with the chain i went to home depot and they were in total awe like they didnt know what i was talking about. Abdiel please help and thanx again!

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Thank you

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Prompt customer/ resident service response

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Haven't done a job wrong yet

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Pablo from Maitenance has always been a guy to count on when something needs a fix or needs to be replaced. We have been here for years and thrilled to see a familiar face that we know will try their best to fix a problem. We thank Pablo so much because not once has pablo said it can't be fixed. He always found a solution to a problem. Thank you Pablo...


Communication is Key!

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Thank you to the staff that has stuck in there. Thank you Cordell for being that voice of reason and always hearing my issues/ complaints. And shout out to you for following up with Terminex! While there are a few issues still I wish could be dealt with, I am finally comfortable in my home.

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Carpet cleaning

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I want to give thank you, to Hilberto(carpet guy)for doing such a great job on my stairs.Been here for 14 yrs.and this is the best job ever done on my carpet.Thank you so much,I really appreciate it.Thank you and Have a nice day!

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Thank You..

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San Rocco is an amazing place to live.. It's clean, it's safe & all the neighbors we've encountered has been friendly.. The staff here at San Rocco are the BEST I've ever come across.. We have been residing in San Rocco since 2009 & none of the staff in the past has ever been as amazing as Betty, Priscilla & Vivian.. We have NEVER had any issues here & if we ever did I'm sure I can count on them to assist us in a timely manner.. Thank you all for making our experience here at San Rocco so amazing.. Keep up the good work....

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Excelent Services, beautiful place

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Good services.. They always have the disposition to help me and result my problems.