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i would like delete my debit card information in your system. please

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All the maintenance team are Wonderful , Management are super Excellent responding to my request same hour. I'm so pleased withe the properties Manager Miss Micheal ( even I never meet her )...

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thanks to jose for exellent job doing on maintenace to keep the complex on great shape he it s amazing worker and fast service to the residents

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Excellent Work

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Gladys always been super attentive when it comes to any issue or questions i have. Been here for two years and almost is time to renew my lease for the 3rd year and i love this apartments. I have never had any roach or bugs problem and the only two time i had a problem with maintainance Gladys always do what she gotta do and have them fix the issue

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Notice for residents of building 128

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I do not appreciate being lied to by property manager, once on the phone and once to my face regarding the incident that woke us all up at 5AM on Saturday August 12. I was awoken by firemen banging on my door because the neighbors smoke alarm was going off and no one was answering the door. I spoke with them, informed them the neighbors car was not in the parking lot and they proceeded to bust the door down. I watched with my two eyes, the firefighters enter the apartment as smoke filled the hallway. I heard them ask if anyone was home, which they received no response. I watched them walk to...

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BIG shout out

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I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing hurricane prep every single one of you did. I know you worked tirelessly to keep us all informed and both person and property protected. Thank you for the constant communication and early action to get ready. You were like a well oiled machine! We are lucky to have every single one of you and very appreciative . Thank you! Seaside is a great place to live!

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comment for maintenance

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Thank you so much for solving the problem of my refrigerator. I am very satisfied with the results and the working speed ,and whole process of this service .Your maintenance are very professional and efficient. The office staffs are patient and friendly.I appreciate that you are responsible for the customer and enjoy live in Windmeadows.

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Pleased with customer service

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I just want to take the time to thank Charlotte a regional manager. She was extremely helpful and pleasant and willing to assist in a positive manor. Nothing I asked of her did she make excuses for but simply apologize on behalf of the company and made sure to get everything fixed. I admit her professionalism and wish everyone else that worked for the company worked with such a great attitude. When being a tenant it's not good to here excuses constantly, but to reach out to her and hear her take ownership for the issues I had was a great experience. Thanks again !...

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McKinley Maintince

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I want to thank Mckinley for sending a huge crew for clean up and repairs and damage assessments all the crew have been polite and have been working non stop. Thank you for your help in this devistating time with getting our water back on and cleaning up the grounds so quickly. God Bless uou all

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The new lights around the complex are great. Not only do they appear to be energy-efficient LEDs, they're far brighter and help lend to a greater sense of security. While we still have some seedy people coming in and out of the complex, at least we can see them now with more clarity. It also makes it easier to call the cops. :)...