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Ceiling fan

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I want to Thank ,Harry for always doing a great job and being such a nice person.Thank you Harry,Happy Holidays for everyone.Have a great day!

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To our surprise, we awoke this week with a puddle of water in the hallway. On top of an already busy morning, this is the last thing we needed.. My wife called the office to notify maintenance and they responded immediately. The gentlemen from maintenance quickly assessed the issue, found the problem and resolved it quickly and in a professional manner. When they were done, you could hardly tell they were there. Great experience and a big thank you to management and the maintenance crew..

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Kudos to Savannah Maintenance

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As always, I received prompt and efficient response to my maintenance requests this weekend. John responded right away to my heater emergency this last weekend, (which I appreciated greatly with our recent cold snap) He advised me how to get it working again and Tom let me know a company serviceperson would come out on Monday to diagnose it further, which he did. It will no doubt be repaired as soon as it can be scheduled. Also, I saw tonight that the pole light nearby was fixed (or a new bulb installed) many thanks for your quick responses and followup that shows your concern and care for...

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Rating Correction

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I accidentally gave Bella Cortina a 2 star rating when they deserve a 10! Bella Cortina has a great staff and their customer service is superb.I love living here.

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An Entire Re-Do

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I planned a move to Carmel Woods from Chicago. The day I got my keys, I entered my new apartment and it reaked of cigarette smoke. Both my friend and I could smell it. Eventhough, I may just be sensitive to these smells, the Carmel Woods office more than compensated for my disappointment. They bought me a night in a nearby hotel, had the carpet deep cleaned, and ran an ozone machine throughout the night. Unfortunately, the smell did not dissipate, and they took care of me by moving me to another apartment the morning before I worked!! They were with me the entire process and made sure I felt...

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I’m so excited and thankful for my suprise in Thanksgiving Weekend When I back home for the dr appt I found my new stove And we have a wonderful and blessed Dinner Thank you to Johanny for everything she do for me God blessed you

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Gracias por responder rapido las peticiones de servicio

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Asi como es valido quejarse por algo malo, tambien es importante agradecer y resaltar la efectividad al responder a las peticiones de servicio. Al siguiente dia de haber hecho la peticion, mantenimiento llego a solucionar. Gracias

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Bert Le Roux

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I just wanted to say thank you to Bert. I was helping dog sit for one of my neighbors who was out of town during the smoke alarm testing a couple of weeks ago. The older dog that I was watching is terrified of the alarms. Bert went above and beyond trying to keep me informed of the exact time the testing was going to be done in my building so that I could walk the dog away from the noise so that he wasn't afraid. It is nice to have someone so genuinely concerned for the 2 legged and 4 legged residents here at Seaside...

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Pedro is extremely helpful!

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Grilling area

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Thank you so much for the quick response and problem was resolved....