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Feedback Praise for Schooner Cove

I would like to thank Dewey, Alex and the contractor for not only getting my work orders done today but the great customer service. I am grateful to live in this community! Monica T. Bldg 8805 apt B2

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Feedback Praise for Conway Forest

Thank you Mohommed for coming right away when our air didnt come on.He was fast got to the problem right away fixed in in under 15 minutes.We love Conway Forrest staff!

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Thanks To Maintenance For Fixing The Latch On The Door To The Building

Feedback Praise for Park Place

Works like butter. It's always had problems even after being looked at a couple times before, but now it works like new. Thanks!...

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Winter Ice/Snow

Feedback Praise for The Courtyards

Hi I just want to say really appreciate the snow/ice clean up the past two weeks. I was impressed when I had to go out to get food. I also appreciate the clean up of the side walk and outside my door. Thanks again Courtyards weather team.

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Improved Customer Service, Thank you.

Feedback Praise for Bella Capri

Thank you Bella Capri. Jen, the Community Manager at Bella Capri, is making a good example for good customer service. She is polite to residents and she is very responsive to put resident's needs first. I am grateful that the crew in the office has been working on the Bella Capri's treatment of residents over the years, improving kindness with a smile and improving attentiveness to maintenance. Keep it up!...

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Felicitaciones y agradecimiento.

Feedback Praise for Bellagio

Quiero agradecer a la Administración de Bellagio y todo su equipo por su trabajo ante la difícil situación del incendio de nuestro edificio 3322. Han sido días dificiles y aunque siempre van haber reclamos y situaciones la rapidez con que este Team se movilizó es de agradecimiento. El trabajo de todos pero en especial el de Tamara y la Asist.Ashlyn su comprensión y amabilidad hicieron la diferencia. Estas 2 empleadas son un acierto para Bellagio. Ya Gracias a Dios en nuestro apartamento. Dios Les Bendiga mucho. Att. Edwin Rios

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Feedback Praise for Conway Forest

Last week I called at 9:00pm because my door was locked. Pedro came and help me. Excellent service!!

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Excellent Work

Feedback Praise for Traver Ridge

It makes a big difference each time Carlos is sent to the buildings and cleans the hallways/stairs. He is professional and the attention to providing a clean and attractive entry for renters. It is a big job made more difficult with the winter ice melt and mud from the driveways. He always is cheerful.Wonderful employee!

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Air vents

Feedback Praise for Windmeadows

Thank you so much for installing new air vents in my apartment! I now have AC in my kitchen and dining room. The room-to-room temperature is so stable now that I no longer have to dress for different seasons when I move from one room to another. The vents were replaced and angled so that the air flows from room to room. I so much appreciate maintenance fixing this problem.

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Feedback Praise for Meadowbrook Village

Great timing to Maint, as an ice storm approaches and I have plenty of salt to help spread around steps and walk! Difficult, Dangerious time for electric utility workers with possible power outages. I have worked many. So be safe!