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Thank you Harbor Beach!

Feedback Praise for Harbor Beach

Just as there are negative comments, I want to express that my experience with Harbor Beach has been great. They responded to my Work Orders quickly and have always been kind to me and to others as I have witnessed. My only recommendation is to cut the grass more frequently in front of buildings 5710, 5718, etc. Thank you!

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Bella Capri

Feedback Praise for Bella Capri

We moved our son into the Bella Carpri in Orlando this month. It was been tiring and stressful, but Steve and Mariani smoothed out all edges. I can't praise them enough for their help. Richard and his Maintenance Staff are pretty awesome too. They pursued each maintenance issue with tenacity and got to the bottom of each one, there were many...

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New windows

Feedback Praise for Celano Apartments

Thank you so much for replacing the windows to our unit. We absolutely love them and all the improvements being made around the community!

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Feedback Praise for Conway Forest

Thanks Pedro for always do your best!!! You are the best. Thank u for take care us in Conway Forest

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Feedback Praise for Sapphire Winter Park

I just want to let whoever reads this. Mohammed was great at not just fixing our problem in our apartment but he was polite, attentive, as well as understanding and even cleaned up after himself. He is and has been the best maintenance personal that we have had since we have lived here. He is definitely someone that does not just his job very well but also very nice to us as tenants.

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Felices con los cambios que se están viendo

Feedback Praise for Aria Beach

La verdad es que estamos contentas con los cambios que hemos visto respecto a las áreas verdes el parque de perro la piscina, en cuanto a mi apartamento, Ivana Padrón ha sido súper amable y diligente y tal cual como se comprometió al momento de convencernos al renovar nos ha resuelto los problemas que hemos tenido. De verdad que han sido cambios del cielo a la tierra comparado a la vieja administración, sabemos que aún falta por mejorar pero en poco tiempo se ha visto más de lo que vi en la vieja administración en 15 meses. De seguir así no dudaremos en seguir renovando con ustedes ya que los...

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Feedback Praise for Manhattan Flats

I have been experiencing some severe breathing difficulties since moving to Florida last year. My doctor suggested that I may be having problems with accumulated dust in the ductwork in our apartment. I called the office and the next morning there was a crew at my door to clean out the ductwork. While my problem hasn't disappeared, it has gotten alot better, I couldn't have ask for a quicker resolution...

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Recent water problem

Feedback Praise for Sapphire Winter Park

Due to careless contractors the water in my building was shut off. As an infirm person this utility is essential. Your emergency maintenance person solved the issue quickly.

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Anthony is AMAZING

Feedback Praise for The Villas

While doing a spring clean in my apartment a wasp managed to get in. I’m deathly allergic to them. I ran out of my apartment like a crazy woman and called the front office to find out if maintenance was available m. Anthony, who has always been INCREDIBLY helpful let me know that maintenance wasn’t available but that he’d come over and help. He was at my apartment within a few minutes and killed the wasp. This kind of stuff isn’t in his job description and he went out of his way to be kind to me. Anthony and Keith have really went out of their way for my fiancé and I. Thank you Anthony!!! You...

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Maintainer service

Feedback Praise for Sapphire Winter Park

I want to take my time and give thank you as a happy resident with the maintenance work taking care right away and how Mohamed has the experience and profesional way of working . Very pleased and happy with the out come of all my complaints. Thank you Mohamed!