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Feedback Problem for Palio

Estimados señores, de nuevo les escribo por el molestoso, continuo, e intenso ruido en apartamento de arriba del 212. Ya hice otros reclamos con respecto a esto. Puedo entender muchas cosas y ser tolerante pero pido la misma tolerancia y buen vivir a mi vecina de arriba. No se que es lo que ocurre pero el ruido que ocasiona en diferentes horas incluso hasta en horas de madrugada es extremadamente molesto. Yo trabajo desde la madrugada hasta altas horas de la noche y quiero llegar a mi casa y descansar pero el tormentoso ruido de arriba es insoportable. Agradezco exigir la misma capacidad de...

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Water Pressure

Feedback Problem for Windmeadows

When are they going to "fix" the problem(s) with the water? Since the last repair, my water pressure in the shower is half of what it was...

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Loud neighbors

Feedback Problem for Ridgecrest

It’s 8pm on a Sunday and someone in my building is blasting music where all I hear is the bass

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My outdoor area is on an downward angle after cement was poured

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

I can't use my outdoor area because the cement that was poured (for flooding prevention) was poured in such a poor way that there's a steep downward slant. I can't sit or use a table out there. Can something be improved?...

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Laundry Room

Feedback Question for The Ponds

Is the laundry room closed on Sundays now?

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Not feeling safe

Feedback Problem for The Courts

My car got broken into last night and a package got stolen last week!!! We live in the townhomes...where is the security for these apartments. Now I don’t even feel safe in my own home. You guys are making over $100,000 a month off all of us but can’t pay someone security!! Now I don’t even want to live here with my kids and on top of it call I have non stop plumbing issues. For the safety of my kids you should let me be able to break my lease without consequences!!!!!!

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Loud music

Feedback Problem for Riva

Two days in a row by 8 am someone has been blaring music in my building it just started happening this weekend so I'm guessing I have new upstairs neighbors. I got home from work at 2 am so I didn't get to sleep until after 3 so I really didn't appreciate being woken up at 8 am to loud head banging music. It's very immoderate. Please help resolve this issue...

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Outdoor Lights Out

Feedback Problem for The Pines

The outdoor lights along the lake in front of buildings E and K are both out.

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Feedback Problem for Sun Pointe Lake

I wasn't going to complain for fear of in-person confrontation, but this is truly getting ridiculous. There is a group of people living on our floor (top floor, 1713) and they have truly trashed it. There is an old, sagging, rotting ottoman sitting in the hallway on which they can be found smoking and drinking at all hours of the day and night. There are always cigarettes/cigarette boxes all throughout the hallway and trash bags around their door/in other areas of the hall. One night around 2 AM we came home to find one of them SLEEPING shirtless in the hall surrounded by empty beer cans...

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Yoga and Pilates Offering

Feedback Question for The George

Hi there! I just recently moved into The George and the Ann Arbor area this past weekend. I come from Cincinnati, where I ran a pilates and yoga studio for 4 years. I am a certified pilates, yoga, and Private/group training instructor and would love to offer some classes to the residents in the yoga room. I just thought I would offer my assistance if needed. I still do classes online for my former clients in Cincinnati and have a pilates reformer I would love to give private instruction to. Feel free to check out my website or social media pages on Facebook and Instagram (movewithelizabeth...