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Missing Dog (Surrounding Neighborhood)

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

Hi McKinley community! My friend's dog ran after a deer last night and is now missing. Last seen over by Clark Road. She's a 30lb german shepard mix named Korra. If you have any information, please reply directly to this chat...

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Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

Buenos días, el día martes reporte que de la entrada del apartamento se llevaron la bicicleta de mis hijos, que la tenía afuera por qué la había lavado, la chica en la oficina me dijo que quizá el personal de mantenimiento la retiro por qué no se puede tener nada en las áreas comunes, luego se nos informó que ellos no la tomaron, esta situación me tiene muy preocupada, vivo en un segundo piso, apartamento 1708 y me cuesta creer que se la roben dentro del complex. Porfavor si me puedes ayudar con esto se los agradezco Gracias

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Feedback Problem for Studio Parc

I am a resident of building 4619 and my car was robbed last night and some belongings inside disappeared. A few months ago my son's car was broken into by breaking the windows. Where's the security? We live on Kirkman Rd, we need to feel safe here. Where's security at night? I don't need a Halloween, Valentine's or Mother's Day party ... I need Security. -------------------- Sou moradora do building 4619 e meu carro foi assaltado essa noite e levaram alguns pertences que estavam dentro. Poucos meses atras assaltaram o carro do meu filho quebrando as janelas. Onde...

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Feedback Question for Azure Winter Park

can I pay the rest of my lease off? if so how can do that

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2156 - Building Shaking when Doors Close

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Today the residents of building 2156 received a letter advising us to not shut the doors loudly, as though it is under our control. Both doors leading to the outside, when left to close on their own, cause the entire building to shake violently. I understand this is perceived as someone slamming the doors, but it is the doors autonomously shutting. Items are falling off the shelves when the doors close. I invite anyone from maintenance to come to the building and stand in my apartment when either of the doors are shutting. It feels like a structural issue, not a tenant slamming the door shut...

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Car theft

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

Not only are packages being stolen, but my car was broken into Saturday night.

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Laundry room is being vandalized

Feedback Problem for Roundtree

I believe this is the third time someone has gone into the laundry room and torn apart the exhaust pipe that connects to the dryers. The room fills with steam and fumes. One of the dryers stopped working it may have overheated because of the exhaust.And the smoke alarm has been removed. Is it possible to put a camera in the room to find out who is doing this?

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Great maintenance service from Nick!

Feedback Praise for Golfside Lake

GREAT SERVICE SHOUT OUT! I am really appreciating the new maintenance man, Nick. He is so thorough and is so kind and polite. He is also super accommodating and goes the extra mile, always asking if there is anything else he can assist with. He has serviced my apartment a few times now and every time he comes, I'm so happy with his work. Having someone you can trust to make sure things are done correctly and on-time is great. I am really thankful that he has joined the team, and I hope he remains at the Golfside Lake property. THANK YOU, NICK!...

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Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

The steps/grass outside 2751 are absolutely disgusting. Someone dumped an entire thing of French fries on the steps this past weekend, along with ketchup, and this hasn't been addressed. It's unsanitary and is going to attract animals. Could something be done?...

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Highest Manager?

Feedback Question for Arbor Flats

Who is the highest level manager? Please share their contact info.