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Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

Our number 6 on the building needs replaced. Amazon delivery couldn’t find the address. Thank you.

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Is this normal?

Feedback Problem for Golfside Lake

My apartment is on the second floor. I am not sure if this is normal but whenever someone walks or even moves on the 3rd floor, not even firmly, the whole apartment shake and there is this constant annoying noise of wood. Is this normal?

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Thank you Harbor Beach!

Feedback Praise for Harbor Beach

Just as there are negative comments, I want to express that my experience with Harbor Beach has been great. They responded to my Work Orders quickly and have always been kind to me and to others as I have witnessed. My only recommendation is to cut the grass more frequently in front of buildings 5710, 5718, etc. Thank you!

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rd 3

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

so the maintenance guy came out so disregard my rd3 message. He came and talked to me not 2mins after I posted it so we should be ok. He knows the issue and said he's going to take care of it...

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Laundry room problems

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

We live in building 6 and have been here for over a year and our only complaint has been the numerous issues with the laundry room. Most have been minor inconveniences that we shrugged off, but the past couple days have been real bad. Our new laundry bin was stolen from the laundry room, as well as our laundry soaps, and all of our clothes from the dryer that werent dry yet were thrown about the room like it was blown by a tornado. Not sure if all of our clothes have been accounted for since it was a random, regular load. Its getting extremely irritating that a service that we pay twice for (...

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Missing package

Feedback Problem for Conway Forest

I had my package delivered straight to my apartment door. I had gotten a notification from Amazon that my package arrived. Amazon also takes a photo and provides it to their customers as proof that their products arrived. If you took that package, please return it! It is a federal crime to take someone else’s mail. I am dealing with my farher’s cancer threathment at the moment and would like to have my item returned by the end of this week. I will not ask any question if you do return it at my door step. You know exactly where to return it, since my address is clearly printed on the package...

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Feedback Problem for Park Place

Anybody else having a hard time with the buzzer on 2060?

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Bella Capri

Feedback Praise for Bella Capri

We moved our son into the Bella Carpri in Orlando this month. It was been tiring and stressful, but Steve and Mariani smoothed out all edges. I can't praise them enough for their help. Richard and his Maintenance Staff are pretty awesome too. They pursued each maintenance issue with tenacity and got to the bottom of each one, there were many...

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Ensure front doors are sealed

Feedback Problem for SoHo Flats

Hey! You should probably check resident's front doors before scheduling power washing. My porch was just power washed and water came in under my door. I would say at least 1-2 gallons. Also, the water sprayed around the top of the door frame and sprayed water all over my desk where I work from home. It's crazy that water was able to come all the way into the living room. I was able to dry everything up quickly, but residents who aren't home may not be so fortunate...

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Feedback Problem for Portofino

a maintenance of the pool area is getting worse every day !!! I complained that the barbecue is already 3 weeks without work, will it be all summer? The same amount of water that sits around the barbecue re for passage.of the jacuzzi full of washing and insects ... maintenance of the pools and areas must be fulfilled ... you must be full to maintain the potential and the area should be satisfied.