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Feedback Problem for Bayshore Flats

Came home today after receiving notifications of my packages being out for delivery. Opened my mailbox today and there’s a vacant slip inside saying the post office has been notified that the box is vacant... I’ve lived here for almost 2 years.. I don’t know how long I haven’t been receiving my mail - really just confused

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they stole my van

Feedback Problem for The Villas

last week they stole in my van needs more security this is not possible to happen.

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My ceiling looks disgusting.

Feedback Problem for Bella Vita

I have asked nicely many times for my ceiling to be fixed/painted. The few times the apartment upstairs has leaked down to my apartment, it has made bubbles in the paint and left a horrendous yellow stain. Having people over is embarrasing not to mention the possible health hazard that could exist if mold is present. Proof:

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8775 building buzzer/security system down

Feedback Problem for Schooner Cove

The buzzer for building 8775 has been out for the past 2 days. It seems the entire housing system is loose as if someone attempted to pull it off or maintenance never finished a project. I am not sure if it is an electrical problem as the hall lights are out in the building as well. It would be much appreciated if this issue is fixed for the security and safety of all the residents at 8775. Thanks

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Oven not working.

Feedback Problem for Azure Winter Park

Oven is not turning on. It’s been like 2 weeks I turn the switch and nothing.

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A/C Unit FLOODING apartment

Feedback Problem for Carlyle Flats

Our A/C unit has been leaking rapidly for the last 24 hours. We have called 4 times, twice to the emergency line. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. You can expect us at the office at 10 am tomorrow morning and a maintenance person will follow us back to the apartment and fix the leaking unit. Everyone that works in the office is an adult, and the residents expect them to act like it. STOP lying to residents about when maintaince is coming, grow up, and follow through on your word.

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Building 2265

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Hi, our laundry room has a fire marshall closure read sticker to remain closed, can you let us know what has happened? is this something we should be concerned about. thank you

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Internet Service

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Who does everyone use for internet service? I've been using Xfinity but my contract just ended and I'll be paying nearly $100 for only internet if I re-sign...

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Upstairs neighbors

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

This is the second time i wrote here for the same reason.BEEN 2 MONTHS THE WORSE 2 MONTHS SINCE I MOVED LAST YEAR. My neighbors upstairs are always pacing around throughout the night. AT 1AM they are walking waking my one year up or me. I don't mind it during the day Its understandable but at night its very annoying. My baby go sleep around 9 and the noises wakes her up at least twice. Ive been living here for over a year. The other neighbors were never like this. The past 2 weeks its been the worse experience with a neighbor since i moved here. Its not a quiet place to live AND SLEEP...

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Exterior Lights around 2136

Feedback Problem for Glencoe Hills

Hey y'all, the lights in building 2136 and the buildings on either side are not on in the stairwells, exterior, or carports. I didn't see any maintenance staff working on it when I got home from work (late shift ~9:30pm) and wanted to let y'all know. I don't think it has happened in my time here prior to this. Thanks!...