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New Payment System

Feedback Problem for Delaney Flats

I received notice today of the change of the lease terms regarding payment of rent by having a letter inserted into the door of my apartment when I arrived home after lunch. I object to the new payment system as it will cause me to incur substantial additional fees. The payment system that I contracted to rent my apartment at Delaney Flats charged an $8.95 convenience charge to credit card payments. Under the new proposed system, there is a 2.85% charge of the amount of payment for credit card use. This will be a substantial increase in the credit charge payment fees (from $8.95 to over $50...

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"Welcome to Manhattan Flats" !!!!!

Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

I signed the lease last Friday assuming issues will be fixed immediately (As Promised) and it will be ready to move in. You were not ready for another week and promised that the apartment will be clean on next business day. Not a single issue has been resolved till date. Not even property manager replied on requested changes. In the meantime I am paying rent for every day, but I cannot move in. After signing the lease you forgot about it? You should not make any promises if you cannot keep it. Don't force tenants to sign the lease before apartment is ready. In the meantime McKinley keeps...

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Rent question

Feedback Question for Glencoe Hills

Good morning, I'm wondering if I can split my rent one time. I'll pay half today and the other half on the 5th. Would this incur the late fine? Tank you for a response. Leslie Manning...

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Payment reversal

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

I want to know why you are trying to charge me 40 bucks for nothing?? This charge was made on the 20th and I don’t get why -_-

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Car alarm coming on every night

Feedback Problem for Evergreen

In the lot behind building 3 there is a white 4-door car that has the alarm going on multiple times per night. It isn't anyone touching the car it's just being turned on and off at random intervals. If there is a problem with the car it needs to get fixed or the person whose car it is needs to stop turning on the alarm. In any case its completely ridiculous...

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Alchohol smell

Feedback Problem for Windmeadows

After being at work all day, I come home to a heavy smell of alcohol lingering in my apartment!! I have a baby boy and I, myself, am getting a headache from this. I know plumbing came by....

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Bushes blocking view of exit turn

Feedback Problem for Palma Ceia Hyde Park

Good afternoon, Just wanted to bring it to your attention that when leaving via the correct exit and turning onto Mississippi, there are bushes/purple colored plants that basically block your entire view of oncoming traffic from the left. I drive a full size truck and it blocks most of my view, so I would imagine people in cars can't see at all. I created some Image links for reference. Thanks!

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Unhandled service orders dismissed

Feedback Problem for Windmeadows

It is appalling that this community's management crew decides to dismiss service orders when were never even complete. It is already disturbing enough to have to place so many work orders because of issues with my apartment. I will escalate this neglect to a higher level than Windmeadows front office soon...

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Carter and Tate

Feedback Praise for Silver Lake Hills

These 2 maintenance guys are one of the best Silver Lake Hills has ever had! I've been here since 2011 and I'm very impressed! They are very concerned about the tenant and willing to answer any concerns that we have...Please McKinley don't lose these 2! Maybe give them some help! Thanks again Carter and Tate.....

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Untruthful Inspection Notice

Feedback Problem for Windmeadows

I have just received a notice in my door at 8:30 pm saying that someone will be entering our apartment TOMORROW for an inspection. This note is dated 9/18 and today is the 19th. This is absolutely unacceptable. Our apartment is not to be entered without us present as we have a dog that we have to make arrangements for, and this notice is way too late for this. I am fine with an inspection if we have enough notice, but a letter in the door (that we could have missed and not seen until tomorrow morning) on the night before an inspection is set to take place is just disrespectful. Our inspection...