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New office hours

Feedback Problem for Bella Capri

I don't understand , first your Office hours were 9 to 6 then it went from 11 to 6 and then 12 to 5. Now you're only open two days a week. It was already hard trying to pick up my packages with such short office hours. Now how am I supposed to receive them. If a package is delivered on Monday I can't pick it up until that Friday. Seems kind of unbelievable...

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Disrespectful vendors

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

I’m TIRED of vendors leaving messes on my porch and who did you hire to paint the back doors?!?! Paint dropped all over and looks like crap! Not only that but I don’t know if they are delivering appliances upstairs to me right now but they are parked very close to my vehicle and if there any problems or any marks or any scratches on my car I’m going to be suing I’m so tired of this community treating the people who live here like they are nothing. I was pleased at first but now since I renewed my lease I feel like they don’t give a flying crap about me or my daughter I am a single mom I don’t...

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2751 door

Feedback Problem for Aspen Chase

The back door of 2751 still is not fixed, as someone noted a few weeks back. This is a safety issue, as anybody could walk into the building. Can someone come fix this please?

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Heat Restoration - Thank you !

Feedback Praise for Traver Crossing

Thanks to the maintenance team for working diligently to restore the heat last weekend. A shout out to Jessica for quickly responding to emails and staying on top of things even on a Saturday !'s picture

Return Call please

Feedback Problem for Harbor Beach

Hey, I’ve been calling office since last week. Can someone from the office give me a call plz?

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People are parking in our spots

Feedback Problem for Sapphire Winter Park

I have to work nights now and I always have to park in a different lot when I come home because a lot of people keep parking in front of my building and it's always different cars. I think some of them don't belong to residents. Like this black utility van that's been parked there since this morning. They certainly aren't a resident...

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Feedback Problem for Coconut Palms

Good evening, I ask you to fix the power outlets, they do not work, the outlets are on the wall of the living room window. thank you.

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Feedback Problem for Manhattan Flats

Apparently opening the dumpster to actually put full garbage bags INSIDE is a difficult concept to comprehend. I live directly in front of the dumpster and witness people leaving their garbage bags sitting outside the dumpster every single day. It smells horrendous and attracts vermin. Please do something about this!

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Great Customer Service

Feedback Praise for Sapphire Winter Park

Mohammed was very kind and diligent when he came and fixed a few issues we had. He knew exactly what needed to be done and we are grateful to have his help!

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Feedback Question for The Ponds

Hi I payed my rent and the remaining balance I didn't get an emai that I payed on line...