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Water Shutdown In Bldg. 9

Announcement for The Villas

Good Morning Everyone!

We have a few maintenance issues that need to be addressed in Bldg. 9. The water will be shut down in Bldg. 9 from 11 to 12. Sorry about the inconvenience! We hope you have a good day!

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Was Building 6's water supposed to be shut off, too? Because I got home and had water for like ten minutes and then I noticed it shut off. Just curious.

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Mad, hurt, upset , frustrated.

Feedback Problem for The Villas

How much time do you have Mr. Epps. My name is Vanessa Spratt. Bld 4, apt 101. 989-4307948. I don't think this description box is enough room but we shall go with the last thing first today 7/12/19 at 12:26 pm. I called the office I spoke with Aaron one of the secretaries are making a work order for me that my light switch is Sissling Josh showed up at 4:26 at my apartment to correct the problem I've been having issues with this apartment alone since I moved here that was September 1st 2018 I should have never been in this apartment at all this apartment should have never been...

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Correction on spelling sizzling .. also I had to go to the office today and spoke with Aarons the secretary and ask him why hasn't no one been to my apartment or has anyone been to my apartment correction. He said let me take a look first he said I don't know then he said let me take a look he looked at his computer and said Josh should be there on his way there now I said to him it has taken 3 4 hours for someone to look and come and fix my outlets that sizzling which could have caught on fire so no one here in this complex in this office cares about what happened he said to me Miss spratt we have other important issues as well really??

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keith.harden McKinley Employee

Good Afternoon Vanessa,

It was a pleasure to speak with you this week in person to discuss your concerns about the outlets not working in your. I apologize for you having to deal with this recurring issue. I am hoping that we can find a permanent solution to this problem. If there is anything else I can be of assistance with, please let me know.

Thank you,

Keith R. Harden Jr.

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Laundry Card Reloader

Announcement for The Villas

Good Morning Everyone,

Unfortunately, our laundry card reloader in the office is not accepting cards at this time. You can still use cash or purchase credits online. We apologize for the inconvenience and have made W.A.S.H. aware of this issue. We are hoping for a timely resolution to the problem.

Thank you for your patience!


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Pool Deck Make Over: Pool Closed 7/10 - 7/11

Announcement for The Villas

Dear Residents,

We are excited to announce that the pool deck will be getting a make over this week. The stamped concrete will be sealed to give it a fresh look. The color of the stained concrete will be changed to help compliment the colors of the stamped concrete. The pool will be closed for two days in order to complete this work.

The pool will be closed on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, and Thursday, July 11, 2019. These dates are subject to change based on the weather. The pool will reopen on Friday, July 12, 2019, at 10AM. However, if the pool deck is dry by the evening...

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Laundry Room Door

Announcement for The Villas

Good afternoon, Residents of Building 6.

There have recently been concerns with the lock on the laundry room door, and most recently it disappeared. Maintenance will be replacing the lock on the laundry room door and the key to unlock it will be the same key that unlocks the main doors. If your key does not work, please DO NOT tamper with the lock. Please contact the office and we will trade your old key for a new key.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the office. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Thank you...

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4th of July - Office Hours

Announcement for The Villas


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Pool Update - The Villas

Announcement for The Villas

Good morning, Residents of The Villas!

We hope everyone had a great weekend!

Until further notice, the pool will remain closed due to maintenance. The pool has remained cloudy and it needs to be clear in order for it to be open. We are draining part of the pool to refill and rebalance the chemicals in order to open the pool back up as soon as possible, and have contractors scheduled to come out this week to fix the main issues, which is to clean the sand in the filters.

We will send out an update when the pool will is reopened.

Thank you in advance for your...

erandles's picture

When will the pool be reopened?

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laura.riss McKinley Employee

Hey Angela! I apologize that I did not get to you sooner, but I am glad we were able to talk today! The pool is open and ready to be enjoyed! Let me know if you have any other questions or anything I can help with. Thanks! Laura

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Announcement for The Villas

Good afternoon!

Thank you for your patience today regarding the pool. Our pool is now back open and ready for you to enjoy!


The Villas Team

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Pool Closed - The Villas

Announcement for The Villas

Good morning, Residents of The Villas!

We hope everyone is having a great week!

Until further notice, the pool will remain closed due to routine maintenance. We will send out an update when the pool will is reopened.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding!

The Villas Team...

Zae's picture

Can arrangements be made that we may use the pool over at Golfside Lakes?

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Water shut off building A

Feedback Question for The Villas

Was the water supposed to be off? My brother flushed the toilet & bathroom floor is flooded. I’m now cleaning it and there was a LOT of water in there.. I don’t know where the rest of the water went.

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laura.riss McKinley Employee

Good morning, Ivette! 

Thank you for letting us know about the water concern in your building. I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. I am glad we were able to get in touch that evening regarding the water, and if you continue to experience any problems, or there is anything else we can help with, please let us know! 

Thank you,

Laura A. Riss